Sun, 11 Apr, 2021

Poverty: A Problem Never Solved!

By Iris Raj Pokharel

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Poverty, a word that none in the life want to hear or bear. Living in Nepal most of the citizen here are favorable with this term. A problem that every upper government officials say they will destroy but just in vain. More than half the total population here are poor. No one wants to bear this pain of it but they are obliged to suffer the pain

Do we really care about this topic? I’ve wondered this a lot. There is a vast discrimination among the so called rich and poor. Rich people are always valued the most. The poor who try their best to struggle and earn a living are always betrayed by their fate while the richer one without struggling live a prosperous life. Poverty is not a problem. It is something the society mistakes with having low social standards. Every second a poor is slandered with cheap comments which not only decreases their morale but also adds to the difference between the  rich and the poor. Abraham Lincoln, a person poor from his birth was one of the president of the USA. He not only developed his country but also destroyed the racial discrimination from the country. What if a poor person has more capabilities compared to the rich? He or she remains a unsung hero till he dies. Life gives every single one a chance but what makes us make or break this chance is our society. Decades have passed with the same problem but none came with the valid answer to solve the problem.

Last time , Social Service Club of DWIT college organized a cloth and blankets donation program with the theme of ”wake the city warm” and I got chance to be a volunteer in that event. With that program I got a chance to see for myself what poverty in the capital city is.  What else can we expect from other places of country if the capital comprises of such poverty. Many people I met were hopeless of the life they are living. They were begging us to help them. I felt very sad to see this, bitter part of world was just beside me and all I could do was donate some cloth as consolation and leave. This is story of just a small area. There are different places with people like them who just need love, some support from us. But they are not getting any. Where did we leave our humanity? A small effort from everyone will really help a lot of people but we have become so selfish that we only give our efforts if we get something in return.  Pessimism has dragged us into a place where we value only our destiny but never think of changing someone’s fate. Lastly, we need to believe in creating a legacy to represent our deeds because no matter how rich you are, death is imminent for all and you won’t be able take your wealth with you.