Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation Works Gaining Momentum

By Ruby Shrestha

Photo: Volunteers of Rotary Club at work Photo Courtesy: Suryaraj Timsina

prayfornepalIn the current context of Nepal, heavy rainfall is adding to the problems of people who are homeless as a result of the quake and its aftershocks. The scorching heat makes their living difficult during the daytime and rainfall and wind, accompanied by thunders, take away their sleep at night.

Keeping the problems of people living in tents under consideration and understanding the urgency to focus on rehabilitation, most of the volunteers have switched their agenda from relief material distribution towards rehabilitation. Concepts of temporary houses have already emerged and the implementation of those concepts is gaining momentum. Himalayan Climate Initiative, partnered with National Planning Commission, has started the rehabilitation and reconstruction campaign.

[caption id="attachment_6790" align="aligncenter" width="800"]1 hmc Volunteers of HMC involved in construction of temporary shelter
Photo Courtesy:[/caption]

Furthermore, Rotary Club is also well achieving their responsibility by stepping into “help to rehabilitate” realm. Rotary E-Club of Nepal together with Rotaract Club of Hemja, accompanied by some DWIT students, went to Dadhiko- Anantalingeshwor, Bhaktapur to construct temporary shelters for the quake survivors and accomplished building a complete bamboo shelter. Shreha Regmi, one of the volunteers, said, “Helping our fellow Nepali brothers and sisters by constructing temporary shelters for them was a great feeling. We hope to continue our efforts.”

[caption id="attachment_6791" align="aligncenter" width="960"]2 rotary club of hemja Volunteers of Rotary Club involved in construction of temporary shelter
Photo Courtesy: Suryaraj Timsina[/caption]

Other volunteer organizations and groups, some of which are Holistic Rehabilitation for Post-Earthquake Nepal and Women’s Rehabilitation Centre, are collecting funds via online applications and are actively involved in using the funds to rehabilitate the earthquake survivors.

Some political parties of Nepal have also shown efforts in the rehabilitation process. Nepali Congress has decided to launch a labor donation campaign to help build temporary shelters. Also, according to a post in Republica, the National Planning Commission has devised a four-stage plan for post-earthquake rehabilitation and reconstruction, under which the reconstruction of human settlements, infrastructures and public buildings will be completed in three years.

Let us all as well get up and help rebuild our country.