Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

Post Earthquake Building Clinic and Awareness Program Held At Deerwalk Premises

By Kundan Shumsher Rana

Photo: Participants and volunteers gather for photo shoot after the completion of the event Photo Courtesy: Prabhat Regmi

Deerwalk hosted the second series of “Post Earthquake Building Clinic and Awareness Program” on 6th June 2015. the program was hosted by Ward no. 4 Kathmandu and was targeted at the people of Ward no 7 and 8. The program was coordinated by the DWIT Social Service Club. The main guests of the program were Parliament member Gagan Kumar Thapa and Dr. Bijaya Upadhayay , Director of NSET (National Society of Earthquake Technology Nepal), who came in to provide technical support.

This program was done to create awareness on the topic. The people were brought to ask questions and state their problems to the experts hoping that their problems could be solved. More that 300 families came to the program to state their problems and get an expert opinion. Dr Bijaya Upadhayay answered the questions that the audience asked him and he also gave his opinions on how to make a house safe and how to repair any cracks. He also gave some useful facts about the earthquake and how to remain safe during one.

In the program 22 civil engineers also talked to the audience and answered any queries they had. Some videos were shown on the dangers of making a house without the consent of the municipality. The video showed how one should take necessary precaution while building a house and  if the approved blueprint is not followed, there could be dire consequences.

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In the program Gagan Kumar Thapa said that, “In the earthquake many people have been affected and many houses have been destroyed. Many houses have been damaged beyond repair. Many houses have unusual cracks so people are scared and confused if they should go inside or not. There are also many houses that are waiting to be inspected. People should be aware on these matters and start rebuilding their houses. The municipality will help the people in doing so.” Mr Gagan Thapa has also made sure that his Sifal office will be sending NSET trained experts to check and repair any damages in the area for two months.

At the program there were many Municipal Executives, ministers/members of many political parties and volunteers. The organizers of Ward no 4 have planed to do this kind of programs in others parts of Kathmandu as well. Volunteers from DWIT helped make the program go according to plan.