Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Politics In A Student’s Life?

By Raju Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam

 An individual passes different stages of life. Among which, one of the most important stage is being a student. It is even referred as the golden stage of life. Students prepare themselves for their bright future by gaining knowledge through proper education.

    One who has knowledge, understanding and follows a productive routine is categorized as a student. Students have a great role to play in the development of the country. So, they are also called “pillars of the nation”.

Is it right for students to actively participate in politics?

    The answer to this question is controversial. Some students, teachers & politician think that it is okay for the students to participate in politics but others think otherwise.

    The students who actively participate in politics claim to know much more about what's happening in the country and society. Active participation in politics establishes a good backbone for leadership. It makes them more responsible and well-disciplined.

Politics is viewed as a dirty game played by different political parties. Most of the time politics destroys the entire education system. The students take part in strikes and are likely to vandalize public property. Political campaigns and strikes also hamper the regular classes taken by students. In the name of leadership many students actively participate in politics but some are pressured to take part simply because their colleges have youth political parties. Many students who come from different parts of the country with hopes to get good education either get involved in politics or are disturbed by the continuous political strikes and campaigns. Due to this, their academic prowess declines and with poor academics, they have little to no chance at high-paid jobs.

I personally think that the students should not engage themselves in politics but rather study it and devote themselves towards being a leader that will lead the country to a brighter future.