Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

The Gift

By Arjun Dahal

  Gun Metal finish- Chronogram, One of the archetype. And the needles began tickling, In the wristwatch. The lady smiled at the watch box, Nonchalantly, And uttered her words "Monkey" No answers I have O Lord, "Had she beaten Monalisa?"

Author’s Bio: 
Arjun Dahal is undergrad student of Physics at Tri-Chandra Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Talkative, Crazy, Funny, and Fun loving guy, his passion lies in Physics, Mathematics, Music, Literature, and Philosophy. His pen accelerates at paramount when there is a sharp downpour in the sky with roaring thunderbolts and lightning.His writings have appeared/forthcoming in Blue Marble Review, Burningword Literary Journal, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, The Fable Online, Ann Arbor Review, The Recusant, Eskimo Pie, and DWIT News.