Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Please Don't OVERLOOK ME!!

By Nikita Gautam

I certainly know, someday you will miss me, You will miss the treasure that we had held, Yes, I've been in pain my FRIEND, Suffering, trying to figure out what went wrong, Was it the situation? Or was it you, who changed direction? That intense pleasure that we shared, Those moments we crawled into each other, That Concern, that Understanding, How we brought best out of us, How we wept together, Was that all momentous pleasure? I used to be so special to you; Now I can clearly see you happier without me, Happier to be with people, more precious to you than me. Can you even imagine how I feel? Every night I cover myself and cry, Trying to gain you again, But failing each time I try, But, I am still out here besides you, Hoping you will still look at me. Someday, when you sit next to my grave, I might appear thousands of miles away from you, And when you shed a tear remembering me, I will be crying besides you, Although you pretend to ignore me, Although you don't need me anymore, I know deep down inside your heart you still care, And want to regain, what we had back then. Yet I promise you, During sun and during rain, I will always hold your hand in happiness and in pain. I am giving it my all, I am still trying, But the moment I break, I will have to say goodbye, Then you will be convinced that you've lost ME. Look my arms are still waiting for you, So Please Don’t Overlook Me Don’t Overlook Me!!! (Author Biography: Nikita Gautam is a third semester student at DWIT.)