Sun, 26 May, 2024

The Picnic – Coincidentally – 1st Anniversary Celebration

By Asmita Subedi

Yet another memorable and unforgettable day with the loved ones!! :) :) “Picnic with Menosh!!” Everyone was overwhelmed and simply excited by the idea itself. And since the practical exams were over, the vibe of happiness captivated us. It was the moment for all of us to rejoice and celebrate, siding away studies and exams. With all the excitement, we gathered to discuss about the place, food, transportation, etc... for the picnic. After some discussion, we finalized to go to Ghyampe Danda. Yeah! The name sounds too weird and funny, yet interesting! “What about the place?” This was our reaction in the beginning. But later we were like, “No matter how the place is, we are sure that we shall make it awesome when we are all together.  Isn’t it Guys? :) ” Anmol, Menosh and Ankit talked to the college administration for the bus service, and other tasks were divided accordingly amongst us. Menosh said that she shall bring the food for us all and we, Shreha me and Barsha, offered to help her carry the food to college. We all left that day planning to meet at 7:45 am the next day. We were all really excited. Boys were planning to enjoy; drink and dance and some of them even slept over at Sankar dai’s room for the celebration. Anmol was busy shopping until night for the picnic, while us girls were busy planning what to wear and how to be pretty. :) The picnic day: Shreha, me and Barsha, we went to Menosh’s place and helped her carry the food and snacks she had prepared for us with lots of love and care to the college bus. After spending some more time shopping for snacks and water, 32 of us from the batch of 2017 headed happily towards our awaited destination with our beloved Menosh. We ate some yummy bread filled with chocolate jam and recharged ourselves, and started shouting and dancing. The journey was about an hour long and the way above Suryabinayak Temple was really scary and thrilling. Barsha nearly made bruises on my hand scratching it with fear. Haha!  It was fun teasing her saying you shall remain alive to post your photos on Facebook. When we reached the place, we got pissed off when we were asked to pay three thousand for the place which was not worth it; it just had some stray dogs peeing everywhere and a lot of  grass. Then we all decided to go to Pilot Baba Ashram which was around 15/20 minutes downhill. On the way we were delighted seeing the beautiful scenery of the sloppy hills covered with fog and mesmerizing mustard fields. Menosh was also enjoying the view and was busy clicking pictures and even dreamt of living in that place. That was so sweet of you Menosh! :* :)


After some arrangements of the carpets and rug mats, we ate Tuna, brought for us by Menosh with some snacks and drinks. After filling our tummies, we then began to dance. Umesh's and Sanjay’s dance captivated all. No one bothered of what others might say and began to dance their hearts out in the best possible weird way they could. Hehe!! Rishav was really delighted to learn ball dance with the girls. (Lucky Man!) Well! I must say, everybody got their own moves and thumkas and jhatkas to entertain each other. While some were busy dancing and eating, rest were busy playing cards and were so indulged that they rarely cared what the rest were doing. Ashmita, Subigya, Bhishan were the most busy ones to win and lose money in the game. The ones who didn’t know to play cards were busy roaming around and exploring the dandas and pakhas of the place. We even visited the Pilot Baba temple and posed around with the bells and flowers in the garden. The atmosphere there was peaceful and spiritual. The view from the temple towards the Gundu village and mountains was spellbinding. Back to the spot, we got to discover the cookery talent in some of the boys too and enthralled our taste buds with the dishes cooked by them. Sanjay had cooked very delicious meat and we couldn’t stop ourselves from praising him. Also Anmol had brought some yummy pancakes and Rojina had some prawn chips and fried almonds. Boys had even brought some drinks which they shared with some of the girls and we all really partied hard that day. Menosh made some of us answer some rapid fire questions like what are our favorite and least favorite words, our favorite profession, least favorite profession and many more. It was fun to play that game and we got to learn more about each other. Anmol and Umang played guitar and sang some awesome English songs along with Shreha while Barsha and Nikita, the nightingales of the college, sang some wonderful Hindi and Nepali songs. The cool environment and the chilling air were filled with music and everybody had smiling faces all around. It seemed that everybody was meant to be together there forever. After having a memorable and wonderful time together we returned back dancing and cheering together. We all really had a great time together. We got to know more about each other and even saw some of us in the state which we probably would have never seen. The boys were helpful and kind to the girls and a strong bond of attachment was formed between us all. And Menosh, who in another word can be called awesome, left no chance for all of us to be awed by her tricky games like ‘bullshit’ and rapid fires, danced together with us and shared our troubles and left a memorable memory for us all to cherish for the rest of our lives. Menosh, you are really a godmother to us; you bring smiles forever in our faces and we all love you so very much. :* <3 All of us are wonderful and we all did our best to bring smiles on each other’s faces either by being sweet or by being foolish, weird and funny to others. We all are a great bunch and we all rock and we shall rock together again!! Love you all and I am glad to have met you all!! Friends for life! :D :* :* <3 <3 P.S. Later on we found out that it was 6th Mangsir, an anniversary of the beginning of our journey at DWIT. It was a celebration of our anniversary, coincidentally. Happy Anniversary Guys!! :) :)