Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


By Bharti Ojha

Everything you do, think or want to say to others reflects your perspective on that matter. There is nothing wrong or right about the subject matter in that situation, it’s just your perspective. Everyone in this world does not have to have the same vision or ideas or perspective about everything. That’s where the diversity of thinking in the people comes from, that is how we are different. We see the same things differently. We feel differently.

No one is wrong or right. When someone else’s perception of a situation does not match our perception, we tend to think they are wrong. However, we need to keep in mind that they can see a different side of the situation and think about it differently.

Just try to think with their perspective once. You can understand them better.

Let’s say two people are lying on the ground at night, under the clear beautiful sky. They both say, “It’s Beautiful.” However, where they saw the beauty could be completely different. One may see beauty in the stars and the other may see beauty in the moon. That is what perspective is. Every person has their own perspective and it makes them unique.

Isn’t it strange that people tend to judge others without actually knowing the real situation? They blabber all around with their big mouth filled with all shitty things without knowing the matter. Yes, I believe that everyone has a different view on different things, but we cannot judge others with our perspective even without knowing them. They may be going through a lot, which we can’t see on the surface, so we should always respect other’s perspective.

No one in this world is without problems; we all have some. But how we deal with them is the main thing. We can use those problems as challenges and face them and overcome them, or we may sit in a corner being sad or crying about them. It’s all our decision. It’s all our perception.

So, think differently, be unique, be yourself. Use your perception wisely.

Author's Biography: Bharti Ojha is BSc. Environmental Science student studying in the 3rd year in Golden Gate College.