Sun, 16 Jun, 2024


By Kundan Shumsher Rana

The world I see

Is all that I can believe

What I say

Is all that I can portray

I believe that we only see

What others want us to see

And what we want to see

The softness of a hug

It’s what drives us

Its that one bug in our system that we can’t get rid of

We put all of our feelings, our sadness, our anger

We keep it under a rug

The feeling of having someone is how we move forward

Not for our own sake, but for that person

We dote our time to their imperfection

We may know that person as a father, mother, friend

Or even a lover

A walk on the beach, a talk through the streets

“I’m a phone call away”, It’s what everybody says

The ones who stay are the ones who may

Get up and move your feet, Go out onto the street

That is where I am and where you will find me

In cold winter morning and warm summer days

In chilly rainy times and windy autumns when the winds chime

I will greet you with a smile

And know in my heart

That you are love personified