Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Period Tracker- App Review

By Nisha Dhungana

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Being a woman is not an easy task. You have to go through a lot of problems and difficulties. Monthly period is one of them. The pain and anxiety during a period are unbearable but the pain of remembering period dates is now easier. With Period Tracker, it is easy not just to remember period dates but to know what mental situation you go through the period. Period Tracker is a free android and ios application developed to keep records of monthly periods and ovulation period of women. By personal use and taking suggestion with girls using the application, I can say this is a very useful application for every woman.

Key Features

  • The most important and fantastic feature of Period Tracker is, it predicts the next period date on the basis of date logs provided by the user over past three months.
  • It also shows the fertility dates and ovulation dates for women desiring of having children.
  • It gives information about moods, cravings, and symptoms during and before periods.
  • It also gives intimacy, health and mental care advice according to mood and body changes before and during a period.
  • The icon of the application is designed to maintain the confidentiality of female menstrual cycle.

How to use?

It is as easy as playing games. You can find it free on Android as well as IOS app store. The first step is to download the app. Next, the user needs to tap on the button on the start of the period every month and it’s done. The tracker generates the next likely period date. It is important as most of the checkups, blood donation, and heavy workouts depends on period dates.


The prediction of application is not always correct. It is based on the average calculation of period logs of past three months which may not be applicable to every woman as some may have an irregular period cycle. The other drawback is it cannot be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy as the period tracker is not an accurate application.

Developers and application details

The application was developed by GP International LLC. The current version of the application is and requires an android version of 2.1 or above. The size of the application is 14 MB and around 10,000,000- 50,000,000 installs are recorded to date.


Response from users

“It is a great application as I can now keep records of my periods and can know the date of next period according to my cycle. It is fun to use because it actually shows what mental state I am going through during periods. I recommend everyone to use the application.”

-Richa Dhungana (She is currently working as an architect.)

“It is a great application. I am notified before my periods which gives me time to make myself ready. If the period happens late then the predicted date, then it also notifies me that I am late by certain dates. I also enjoy the news and information about my dates.”

-Rojina Shrestha (She is currently studying in the fifth semester in Deerwalk Institute of Technology)

“I was suggested about the application by one of my friends. I am a new user and I find it interesting. I love the user-friendly UI and all the facts I did not know about periods.”

-Sarina Ghimire (She is currently studying BBA in Little Angels College)