Sun, 26 May, 2024

People’s Opinion on Load Shedding in Kathmandu Valley

By Sabin Pathak

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We Nepalese are going through a cold winter and with that comes the hard times associated with load shedding. Load shedding has been really a great problem in Nepal. It has been many years that this problem has persisted and it is unresolved till now. Although we are rich in water resource, we are not able to use them optimally. We have potentiality of 83,000 MW of electricity, but we are forced to stay in the dark. Why is this happening?

We wanted to hear views of some of the Nepalese citizens regarding this issue. So a question was posed. The question was “What might be the reasons for not being able to make our country, Nepal, load shedding free despite being rich in water resource and when can we expect that there will be no load shedding?"

Here are some responses:

“I think one of the main reasons is the poor infrastructure and limited facilities to utilize the water resources. Many hydro-projects are at a standstill due to disagreements between the political parties. Putting public"s welfare before any other personal whims should be a politician"s mantra. It is also the public"s responsibility to demand accountability and stop electricity theft.
Menosh Appl, English Faculty Member, DWIT, Kathmandu

“Corruption can be considered as one of the major reasons. People are lazy. The government is not innovative. The ones who have ideas do not have the confidence and guts to work on their own accord. Moreover, the system isn’t goal directed instead everyone is profit directed. Then, there are leadership problems, political instabilities and series of blame games that prevent the country from rising. Aside from these, the country also lacks investors, investments, infrastructures, citizen awareness and skilled manpower. It is hard to imagine Nepal being load shedding free real soon but it is not オンライン カジノ impossible as well. Looking at all these I’d say once the government starts to act smart we would have a load shedding free Nepal.”
Mallika Bhattarai, Student, DWIT, Kathmandu

“The increasing number of houses, industries and other electric activities and transactions make load shedding in Nepal, since the number of powerhouses are same. That’s why there is more consumption than production of electricity. Construction ongoing power houses also cannot be completed because of political instability and corruption. I think load shedding problem will not be solved soon but wish for its quick solution.”
Bikash Adhikari, Student, Oxford College of Engineering and Management, Nawalparasi

"Being the 2nd largest in water resource does not necessarily guarantee that the country can be load shedding free. Maybe we don"t have the sufficient budget to run a hydro-power industry for generating enough electricity or maybe the entire budget allocated to certain hydro-power is being corrupted by our leaders. I do not believe load shedding will be eliminated in the near future. We first must have a sustainable government before anything."
Bidish Acharya, Student, DWIT, Kathmandu

“Because of lack of proper utilization of investment, infrastructure and skilled manpower that are available to us, we are not able to generate large quantity of electricity. We always look forward for fund from foreigners which creates this situation. So this problem will be solved only if there is proper utilization of the resources and for this we must unite and corruption must be eradicated soon.
Basanta Tiwari, Shop Owner, Dhungedhara, Kathmandu

“We are guided by what we have been doing. We procrastinate and wait for things to happen. It starts from a single individual. Such habits is the main reason for being several major projects on hold. What Modi offered seemed reasonable. Nepal should grab such opportunity and only then there will be no load shedding in Nepal.”
Amun Kharel, Student, DWIT, Kathmandu

“There is no benefit in blaming each other for not being able to turn our country load shedding free. This is because our country is a developing country, not a developed country. So it is obvious that there lacks proper investment and infrastructures. But in this situation also, we can see many power houses under construction. So let’s not lose our hope to make our country load shedding free. I think we can get it within upcoming 10 years.”
Pradip Ghimire, Journalist, Great FM, Chitwan

“Well what I think is that it is mainly due to the poor governance of the country.  It is difficult to imagine a time as such but the dream will fulfill soon.”
-Shreyansh Lodha, Student, DWIT, Kathmandu

How can a nation be developed without an effort from individual level? Thus, we, all Nepalese citizens, must be aware about this and be responsible for fulfilling our responsibilities towards nation. With these efforts, major barriers like deep rooted corruption, political instability must be knocked out. Only then there will be no longer load shedding in Nepal and we need not have to stay in the dark.

I wish Nepal will be load shedding free real soon!!