Fri, 24 May, 2024

People Special: Sabina Tamang Awaits Our Help

By Barsha Dahal

From the time I heard the news I am unable to give any spiritual consolation to anyone. Why has God been so harsh to that mother, that wife, that daughter? This question is making my head heavy. Somebody has said, "Biasness prevails even in the eyes of God. So what can we expect from humans?” Why should only poor people face all kinds of problems? They starve for food and sometime even for a life due to lack of money. Sabina Tamang, sister in law of our guard dai, ‘Suman Jimba’ (night guard at DWIT), is now admitted in Neuro Hospital Basbari, Kathmandu for treatment. She is from Pachthar district Mouwa VDC Ward no. 5. She belongs to a poor family. Her story is a dreadful reality that many poor people go through. This particular incident will make your hearts bleed. Nobody can even imagine or could have thought that a small incident could shatter everything in her life. While trying to pull out rice from a grinding machine, her hair was pulled by the machine and her head and neck got injured, the skin from her scalp was pulled. She needs many major operations. Doctors have recommended that she be admitted in hospital for more than four months. She is  23 years oldand mother of two children. Her elder daughter is about three and half  years old and younger son is about two years. What could be more tragic than this for those small kids? That is the age when children need their mother the most. We cannot imagine how helpless she would find herself while seeing those innocent eyes of her children which keep on asking her many questions . Right now I am just thinking about those children. What will happen to them when they will see their mother lying in a bed hairless, injured head and neck? They will get traumatized by seeing their mom. I just cannot hold back my sentiments right now. She is a simple worker. She used to do farming in her village. How can her family manage to pay money for her operation and other expenses? Who will help,our government or us the citizens? Our government isrich but our country is very poor. Our government has the money for drafting our unstable Constitution. Political parties throw huge amounts of money like garbage to buy the voters. They have money when people from high posts need to fulfil their personal desires. But they are really poor when it comes to serve citizen of their own country. They suck the blood of low level labourers and generate money for themself. Forget about spending it on those poor and hardworking citizens. We citizen have the right upon the money of our country but our government has not provided us that right. We feed our govenment but are compelled to starve. Our government is the package of injustice,corruption and instability. There are many Sabina Tamangs in our country but our government has not even tried to reached out to them and provided them any help. They say everybody dies. Thus this is not a big issue. Actually dying is not a difficult fact to accept but many people could be saved from premature deaths, if only our government takes the responsibility. Lack of taking responsibility is the most unacceptable and unforgivable act.Some people have so much money for their shopping and recreation, while others die daily in the pavement of hospitals. it all comes down to money- this bullshit ‘money’. Whether our government will do something or not, we Nepalese brothers and sisters are still alive. We can help many Sabina Tamangs. We can raise our voice and demand help from our government. Government will be compelled to provide some help. We can donate a small amount ourselves. For a few days we can minimize our daily expenditure, just for few days. It is a small amount but what if each and every citizen thought this way. Together we can move  mountains and can save our brothers and sisters in need. No doubt our unity can achieve miracles. Please donate some amount to Sabina Tamang. So that she can walk and even work again. There is no guarantee that she will be able to stand on her own. She may become paralysed after the surgery. But still hope can restore her life. If your help can save a mother then why not help? If our single step can let those children play in the lap of their mom again then why not try? There is always hope which keeps us alive. Lets join hands and bring her happiness anda healthy life back. God is always with the one who help themselves and others. Life is not only about being successful it is more about spreading happiness to others. If my article has convinced you to give her a new life then take some time to look below. For donation you can contact in following phone numbers: 9842118637 9807023776 You can also deposit amount in Macchapuchre bank in account no: 4336524261647012 Account holder’s name: Suman Jimba; Type: Saving