Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Why People Hate Game Requests on Facebook

By Amun Kharel

The moment you take a selfie, you are so excited to post it on Facebook.  You are in need of instant and spontaneous feedback on the same face from thousands of different camera angles. As soon as you minimize the Facebook tab, you expect that notification beep to ring. The notification beep does eventually ring, but you face harsh reality after clicking on the notification. Ugh! There is a game request.  The person on the other side will never know the heartache involved in this process.

Facebook is a vicious cycle. The person who is staying all day to play candy crush will never know who is actually being crushed on the other side, and the selfie-masters will take those gamers as a bunch of losers. I am not making any judgments here, but surveys say there is one game request for every seven notifications. Just kidding, I made that up. But when you see notifications, there is always someone who is sending you those nasty game requests.

I have broken down the reasons why people hate game requests. They are as follows:

Facebook Notifications are happiness: 

Notifications these days are like a fortune cookie. It comes with lots of surprises. Either it is “Surprise!! You are a loser” when people make fun of your insecurities on the social networking site, or it is a genuinely nice surprise. People who never dare to speak with you in reality will compliment you, comment on your post, and surprise you. You can observe how people’s perceptions of you changes every day. So, there is a thrill factor in every notification that you receive. But when you have a game request mixed in with those surprises, it is a cloud of darkness. Simply put, it minimizes the number of surprises you expect after looking at the number in the red notification square.

Frequency of Game Requests:

With the increasing number of individuals on Facebook, the amount of deforestation in Farmville has also significantly increased. We have all been reading that deforestation leads to global warming. People’s head is as hot as fire as a result of the super infuriating number of game requests they receive every once in a while, and they are all marching on for revenge.  They have picked up trolling as a weapon to the “losers” of Facebook.

Since this war is going to rage until the dawn of time, few precautions can be taken by the selfie-masters to minimize the heart aches:

Block Options: 

You can always update yourself with the trending games just for the sake of blocking that game. The block option is available on Facebook. You can block both games and people via that particular option. You can block those people from bothering you anymore and next time you add someone on Facebook, you can sit down for a moment and be cynical about the person.

Peace Out:

Life is too short to be a self-obsessed control freak. Look outside Facebook, talk to those gamers and try to understand why they are the way they are. Reasoning away your judgments and stereotypes will give you a new perspective on life. Some things cannot be changed and we have to fit in.