Sun, 26 May, 2024

People Do Have Expectations from Constitution

By Shila Parajuli

Picture Collage: DWIT News

Finally the constitution, that had made us wait for seven long years, is on the desk. Bhadra 3 was the historical day for all Nepalese. President Ramvaran Yadav formally announced the constitution of Nepal in the parliament house. At that very moment Nepalese were overwhelmed with joy. Streets were full of victory rallies right after announcement of constitution except some protest rallies in some districts of Terai region.

On a personal note, I am very happy that my brothers and sisters got constitution. I think Nepal is now out of political instability. Though voices of minority population has not been included in constitution, I hope that every citizen’s wishes will be fulfilled in near future. May the desires of Tharu and Madhesi be fulfilled! I hope that constitution spreads happiness all over the country. Let the brightness of those lights lighted yesterday bloom the nation from Mechi to Mahakali, from Terai to Mountains and finally unite every Nepali’s heart.

The opinions of some of the Deerwalkers are as follows:

“Neither do I literally have any idea of what is happening, nor do I have any interest in politics. But I am happy that we have sambidhan in our country now. Rest, let’s hope for only good things to happen. May country and people be all united. May the country move towards betterment.” Asmita Subedi, Fourth Semester

"Honestly, I’ve no idea what the constitution is going to change in our country. But I’m quite happy about it. Intellectual people around me have much higher expectations from the constitution so I believe that it will bring some positivity in our country. But I’m also equally worried about the Madesh region. The people there are acting like they are 2nd class people of the country now that the constitution has been written. It might create disputes in future, but I’m hopeful that people will finally grow some conscience and believe that the constitution aims to provide equal opportunities to everyone and won’t discriminate anyone based on their region." Abhusan Gautam, Fourth Semester

“I am not that much into politics, but getting to see happy faces around me because of the constitution being formally out makes me happy. There is happiness and brightness around. I hope this leads our country to somewhere real good. May the constitution bless our dear country and our fellow citizens!” Ruby Shrestha, Fourth Semester

"Actually as a student I don't expect too much from the constitution. There won't be many significant differences at once, but what we can expect is 'rule of law' in the country. Definitely change is there to come. And I hope the change will be for good. I can feel the difference in the air already." Bimal Gaire, Sixth Semester

"I hope that now the political instability will disappear and we can focus on nation’s development. Implementation of rules and regulation as stated in constitution is a must for that." Mohan Singh Bomrel, Fourth Semester

"Now that the new constitution has been passed, I would expect that Nepal would have a calmer political scene. Over the past two decades, there have been many upheavals in Nepal from the rise of Maoists to the fall of the Monarchy. So, I would like to see a peaceful and calmer Nepal, one that is headed towards progress and harmony." Kundan Shumsher Rana, Sixth Semester "I only wish that the constitution that is made should be implemented strictly and followed by everyone because I believe that this is the constitution that we all Nepalese have been waiting for 65 years." Ankit Pradhan, Fourth Semester