Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

My Passion, My Life

By Sumit Shrestha

“Individual game can win a game but teamwork wins championship”- Micheal Jordan

 Everyday I wake up and I watch NBA. It inspires me a lot and I wonder when I would be like them (the players). I aspire to be like them every time. I first touched basketball when I was in Grade 5. I was an average player with some basic knowledge about basketball till Grade 10. After SLC, I was crazy about basketball and I practised a lot. Everyday I used to go to indoor basketball court, which was near my home and I used to practise there. Seeing others play and practising the same moves, I was happy that I could do it. It gave me more comfort and I was full of enthusiasm. Basketball was becoming my more than a hobby; it was my passion indeed . My parents forced me to take preparation classes during SLC break but I chose to play basketball. Later on, in plus two, I was destined to join a college which focused on basketball more than studies. I did find the college and was ready to study there but my parents did not give an approval. The college I joined did not have any playground. It was much more difficult to focus on studies without playing. I was busy in college activities so I didn’t have time to play. I hardly played twice a month at that time. After plus two, I was relieved and thought I had completed my studies so I continued playing. Practising and watching others play I learned different skills and moves and became better than I was before. It was the time I had to join college. I was not too sad to join college because I knew how colleges were in Nepal . Luckily, I got to play during weekends. Every time I touch the ball and step on the court I forget everything. I just focus on the ball and the rim. The more I play the more I become happier. If it comes to choosing between Study and Basketball, I will always choose Basketball. My favorite position is Small Forward. Michael Jordan, a NBA Player whom I admire the most has given me the inspiration to become better. I watch his videos and practise to be like him. The skills and moves he makes in the game are quite unbelievable. Playing Basketball isn’t easy. If you want to be good at it then you have to train in the best possible way. You have to dedicate a lot of time for it. I am a big fan of Thunders (Oklahoma City) in NBA. Nowadays, I play during weekends with my team. Sometimes, it gets really annoying if I can't play because of some work. Basketball is my life and I will do whatever it takes to play this beautiful game. (Author Biography: Sumit Shrestha is a third year student at DWIT.)