Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Participation in DeerChautari Session Not Limited Within DWIT

By Sabin Pathak

Photo: Ashim Regmi giving his presentation Photo Courtesy: DeerChautari Club

DeerChautari club, a club at DWIT, has come with a new plan to make DeerChautari sessions more extensive. DeerChauatari session is the weekly program conducted by DeerChautari club where the interested students from different batches of DWIT gather together and someone presents his/her ideas on particular topic(s). There they are free to share their ideas and share suggestions on someone’s ideas. Now, participation in DeerChautari session not limited within DWIT family, but interested students from any other colleges can join it.

After the completion of its 22nd session successfully, the participation of the students outside DWIT were encouraged to attend its 23rd session. There were altogether 10 participants in the session, among whom one was from another B.Sc.CSIT college.

The last session of DeerChautari was conducted on 21st July, 2015. Ashim Regmi, a member of DeerChautari, started the session by presenting on the topics “Fields where JAVA can be applied” which was followed by the presentation by the team about the changes brought in the new version of

Asim Regmi, Sachin Aryal, Abhishek Gupta, and Bidish Acharya shared their experience about working for and shared the visions of the business. Abhishek Gupta also talked about the PHP meetup that was held on 18th July and the benefits of having a huge network of professionals.

He added, “All of us should attend these kind of events and grow our network which will eventually develop ourselves.”

Sameer Koirala, president of DeerChautari, concluded the session by sharing some IT facts.

After the club meeting with Rudra Pandey, Chairman of Deerwalk Services and DWIT, DeerChautari club has decided to encourage students from other B.Sc.CSIT colleges to participate in their program, DeerChauatri session. This initiative does not only help DWITians to share knowledge and experiences with others, but it can also be a medium to increase friendship among students from different colleges. This plan has been implemented with the aim to make those students a part of this club and encourage participation in these type of sessions. The club will also encourage the students to present on their applications and the ideas that they have. During the session, they will also discuss how real-world problems can be solved by using IT.

It is a really good initiative by the DeerChautari club, however, there might be some challenges in the implementation of this plan. Some of those challenges could be to make the students from other colleges aware about this event and increase the participation, managing it properly and much more.

About the plan's implementation and the challenges, Ashim Regmi commented, “It will be a challenge for us to spread the word about the things that we are doing at this club. We are regularly sitting to discuss how this challenge can be faced properly. We are planning on taking help from our friends currently studying in different B.Sc. CSIT colleges in the valley.”

All the interested students are welcomed to DeerChautari session. The next session will be held on 28th July, 2015.