Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Participants Experienced a Lot from Deerthon

By Ankit Pradhan

On 20th September 2014, The Software Club had organized the first Deerthon competition in DWIT. In the program, 7 teams had participated. Each team had shared their experiences with DWIT News. It seemed they really enjoyed the program. The Alpha Dreamers: One of the members of this team said “All of most, we got a chance to experience this kind of competition. It was very wonderful to sit in front of laptop with some purpose for the whole day. We got experience to work in a team and realized the power of a team. On previous projects, one used to work and the others just used to watch, but in this competition, everyone showed equal participation. Though this product may or may not be selected, but all of us have got the inspiration and energy to complete this project.” Infinite Loop: Sagar Giri, of the group said, “It was magnificent that we got a chance to explore new ideas. It felt like we were working for the company as we were under pressure to complete the product in a given time frame. We are thankful to The Software Club for providing such a great opportunity.” Innovate: One of the members said that this type of event should be held every month. “We got the chance to fit in the shoes of the people working in the company. It would be best if the time limit was 2 days. In this group, most of the students were from the senior batch and they had already experienced this kind of project in the past. However, we were given 1 months’ time or more, but today we just had 9 hours to build a prototype.” Silver Turtle: This team consisted of only two members and both of them seemed confident that their idea was going to be selected. Binod Aryal of the group said “The work is going fine as expected, but there is more pressure because of some bugs in the program. Simple little things are giving more pressure. The prototype is being built on ‘Ruby on Rails’ so it has made the job easier for us.” Link Toothless:  This was the only group consisting of girls in the competition. They call themselves toothless because they believe to be ‘baby’ in this competition and they don’t have much knowledge in coding. They claim to have participated in this competition with the courage to learn something rather than to win. According to them, they wanted to experience the real life work and to know how it feels to work in a company. Ashmita Kunwar, a member of this group said, “We are very proud to be part of this competition”. SASS: The group has been named from the first letter of the names of all the members i.e. Shankar, Abishek, Suman and Sanjeev. They had a very wonderful experience and felt good to be part of this competition. One of the members said, “The knowledge that cannot be gained from the academics, we gained it from this competition. All of us got the chance to learn from each other.” Copy Paste Coders: Bipin Poudel, of the group said, “We have heard several cases that, even in Kathmandu city, there are several people who are losing their life because of the lack of blood. We three, came to think about it and came to a conclusion that, it’s not due to lack of blood, but due to the lack of communication between people, which makes it difficult to find the right person who is willing to donate blood to others. So, to remove this problem, we have come up with an idea to create a blood donation web application. It is kind of challenging for us because we are competing with those who are more into programming, who work at Deerwalk Services. They are definitely more knowledgeable than us in programming. But we have accepted this challenge and are willing to do something even if we are amateur. It is a great opportunity and platform for us to show what we are really capable of.” The result of the competition is yet to be out. I would like to wish luck to all the teams.