Sun, 26 May, 2024


By Osheen Shrestha

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When the words parents occur we visualize our father and mother. Parents take care of their children till they are well educated and settled.Parents are the ones who provide us with all the basic things such as food, clothes and shelter. It is believed that once a child is born it is the parent's’ responsibility to provide these basic things to their children. Those who don’t have the capability to raise a child shouldn’t give birth to a child. The parents whose economic status is strong can easily provide better education, clothes, food and other stuffs depending upon the children’s interests and hobbies. But parents whose economic status is weak can only provide the basic needs. And sometimes, they may not even be able to do that.

Parents are the one who have seen us grow. They have been there to witness the first step we took and the first word we uttered. They always give priority to our want before theirs. They think about what we want and not about they want. I think this is wrong. They shouldn’t be so caring and loving all the time. They should do stuff they want. We, their children, can totally understand that.

When we see a child whose is working in a hotel instead of going to school we blame their parents for making them do it. We think that those parents are irresponsible for giving birth to them. But we cannot forget that they are also born due to love between two people. They are economically poor doesn’t mean they cannot have a baby. It's better to be born and struggle for life than not be born at all. People think that having prosperous and luxury life is a meaningful life but life is much more than that.

When children are small they are taken care for by their parents. When the parents get older the children take care of them. There are some exceptions where the old parents are not taken care of  by the children or where the child has been abandoned by their parents due to some circumstances.

In our society parents loved their children so much that the children become dependent to their parents for everything.  I have seen some of the families in our society where the old ones have to use their saving in order to run the house because the children still do not jobs. This is because of this whole system. I think the children should be a given chance to earn and handle the household once they are know the difference between right and wrong.

I am one of the luckiest children to have a parent like them. They are ones who have invested all their time, energy and money to me. All I wish is to make them feel proud. Let's just realize how hard they work for us and always try to do our best for them. I love you my mom and dad ☺ .