Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Parental Love Towards Children

By Asmita Subedi

“Now I just wonder there could possibly be a machine for measuring LOVE and I could show you, my daughters how much I love you. Neither I can explain it nor are the words that I have written enough to unveil my love and care for you.”

These were the words of a poor father who was waiting for his death to come on a hospital bed. I am talking about Dr. Chitra Prasad Wagle Sharma who served in the remote areas of Nepal as a doctor. He died about a year ago suffering from cancer. While he was at the hospital’s bed, he had written a letter to his two beautiful daughters explaining life and people. His words for his daughters in the letter are really heart-touching and heartrending. His letter is soon going to be published in form of a book and will for sure touch people’s hearts.

When I first read this letter I became speechless and my eyes were tearful. Something got stuck deep down inside my heart and I came to realize the bitter truth of death and life. The ongoing cycle of birth and death which continues and nobody knows who will be next. It’s even painful to realize that his innocent daughters who were too young to know about their father’s disease and death had to now fight and struggle in this society to live their lives. The father, instead of spending money on his treatment, saved his earnings for his family to survive after him.

In his letter he has explained to his daughters about the different stages of life they have to go through. He has made light of the bitter reality of present society and world and has talked  about their childhood days, their adolescence and married life. He has thoughtfully explained how much he cares for them and insists that they study hard, be strong in their lives and to follow their dream and serve the society. It is really sweetto learn that a father who is about to die is so concerned  about his daughters’ future and cares a lot about them. In one way or another, his letter inspires every child to do something in life. He wishes for his kids’ bright future. One wonders what is the fault of those innocent children who lose either their father or mother when they don’t know what life and death is? Or in the other way, why the ones who have their loving parents never understand their love and appreciate their parents?

The love and fostering of a parent towards their child is unconditional and unlimited. Their love towards their child never changes no matter how old one gets and how many children there are. Parents love their children in every situation and in every condition. Parents are god’s heavenly gift. They only think about their children’s happiness and better future. Most parents happily sacrifice all they have for the happiness of their child. No one can ever deny the power of love and every big and great word is insufficient to explain the love between a parent and a child.

Yes, they might scold us for our mistakes but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love us. We have always been bragging about the age difference and finding faults in our parents’ love but the fact is that the heart of a parent never changes and it’s us, we, their children who can never understand them.  Thus, before it’s too late, tell your parents  how much you love them.  Make your parents feel proud of you and stay happy forever. Feel the essence of love and grow up in the bosom of love. A great salute to all the parents for their unconditional and eternal love. Always Love and be loved! I love you my MOM and DAD! Cheers!