Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Overview of Technologies at DWIT

By Ashmita Kunwar

DWIT is not only an institute that teaches us and confines teaching and learning in a theory class, but is unique since it believes in practical approach to learning. It is the best platform for students who would like to excel in the field of computer science. Being a technological College, it would be a disgrace if we do not employ any software technologies within the college. Understanding this, the college has implemented different technologies for different purposes. Application of technology in DWIT starts right from the entrance to the college premises. There is a card reader in the entrance that validates any authentic card and then opens the gate automatically. When a card is brought in contact with the card reader, it scans the data in the card, recognizes if it is applicable and then does the needful, that is provides entrance if valid or denies entrance if invalid. So, at the basic level, it all depends on conditionals. Further, we have Deerwalk Canteen Management System through which we order food items according to the list of the food items available in the canteen at a particular time in a particular day. This is done by logging in to our canteen account. Moreover, we have 7-Segment Display boards displaying the ID number of a valid member, that is the one having canteen account, whose food is ready to be served. dcms deerwalk These technologies are currently being used in DWIT. However, there are still a lot of room for improvement, meaning that there are a lot of areas which can be made effective with the use of technology. Two of such areas are library and classroom. Currently, in the library, we do not have a proper software system. But now, the Library Management System has already been developed and is almost ready to be run. Library Management System keeps track of which book has been borrowed by which student, automatically sets the return date, notifies the borrower to return the book in time, builds up a queue of borrowers to be serviced in first in first out fashion, keeps track of all the books borrowed by a particular student and so forth. To sum up, it effectively and efficiently manages the working of the library and systematizes the work load of the librarian. Moreover, it certainly eliminates human errors. Furthermore, at present, the classroom attendance is managed manually in a log book. But soon, this manual system of attendance recording will be replaced by a technical software system which has already been developed and is also ready to be executed. The system is called Check in-Check out Management System (CCMS).  All the teachers in the class will have a Tablet in his/her hand instead of hardcopy log book for recording attendance. By default, in the CCMS System, all the students will be marked present there, and if students are absent the teachers will mark them absent. All the records will be stored somewhere in the database. This system is very unique, accurate, advanced and more importantly it is the product made by the students themselves. This system will also be used to take the attendance of the teachers which is currently being done using worksheet of Microsoft. ccms_login_page These are the currently available technologies at DWIT. The good thing about these technological products is that a majority of these are developed by the students at DWIT. Merely it is only the start, because there are more of such products to be developed. The students of batch 2016 are making one product each to solve the problems of the college. Thus, altogether there will be a total of 32 new products coming out from students themselves. Everything in the college will be systematic and coordinated when all of these 32 products get implemented in the college.