Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Ouch! Reality Hurts!

By Asmita Subedi

It’s my turn to write an editorial and I flip over the news pages to find some idea about what I should be writing on. On the top of the hit list is, as always, our dear constitution and fight between our champion wrestlers, our politicians. Well, the uncertainty remains prevalent! And I wonder, has our second semester result too been delayed due to the delay of our constitution? Might be!

Wow! Finally after series of cock fights between the political parties, it has been decided that the nation will be divided into six Pradesh/States. The decisions are taken at late midnight. Yeah! We all know that our leaders seriously work hard in the darkness of night and keep us in the dark as well. Anyway I’m not so sure whether we should be happy or sad about the division. It has already started to create more insecurities, remonstrations and violence among people. The strikes and protests are being already declared and don’t know whether we all are heading towards development or destruction?

Ahead to it, there lays another serious issue regarding the religious tug of war in our country. Heated discussions are going on about whether Hinduism should be restored in the country or not? Hindus demand Hinduism and rest are against it. This matter has created a rift between people and there are protests, strikes and violent attacks and andolan on various part of the country. Often these protests led to serious violence between the activists and police and several people are getting injured and hospitalized. Mercy us! What’s going on? Is it that the whole nation is participating in another war for dividing and destroying the country?

Next on the hit list are the series of rape, murder news. A girl is being raped and fed Harpic. Great! Someone has found out a new experiment. Throwing acid has been out fashioned and creativity on how to murder people seems to be increasing among people. Humanity really seems to be getting extinct.

What a co incidence! Even nature is also against us, Nepalese. After the deathly earthquake and its aftershocks, the landslides are taking lives of several people. To add on, there comes the news saying that scientists have warned that there is an increased risk of a future major earthquake in Nepal and we are not safe anymore. Oh, No! Not again! Nature, have some mercy on us! We have already sacrificed a lot and please don’t take everything away from us; instead, give us some humanity, civilization, unity, brotherhood, love and peace in return of the things we lost. We are in dire need of these things.

Sorry for writing such a pessimistic article but the truth is always bitter and we must have to accept it instead of searching good things that cope with the bad. How long shall we keep searching the good things that balance the bad and consoling ourselves? It’s the time to face the reality no matter how deep it hurts. Yeah it really tears every Nepalese heart to see this miserable state of the nation. But shouldn’t we all be doing our own bit to create a better nation other than sitting idle, blaming each other and pretending to have not been hurt?