Fri, 24 May, 2024

Osheen Shrestha Wins Dancétion

By Shreeya Pandey

Photo: Shreeya Pandey
Dancing has undoubtedly been one of the most loved and rejoiced forms of art and the students of DWIT are quite passionate about it. On Feb. 27, The Artistas organized the first ever dance competition to enrich the passion and enthusiasm of students in dancing. The dance competition kicked off at 4 p.m. with a total of three participants. The audiences present at Sagarmatha hall were given a score sheet for judging the participants on the basis of their performance. The judging criteria were the audience’s vote plus the judges’. The first participants were Arika Joshi ‘19 and Sabina Shrestha ’19 who performed wonderfully on the song ‘Mai pyari ho ki resam mero jawani.’ Both of them were dressed beautifully in Maruni clothes and rocked on the stage. The next performance was a solo dance by another talented dancer Rachana Banjade ’19 who impressed the audience and judges with her expressions and dance moves. The final participants Osheen Shrestha ’18 and Raman Maharjan ’18 set the stage on fire with their dance performance on ‘Thamel Bazar’, one of the popular songs among teens. The duo looked beautiful together and their performance completely enthralled the audiences as well as the judges. All the dancers were quite talented and their performances were beautifully portrayed which made the competition tough. It was difficult for the judges to decide the best but nevertheless after summing up the audience's votes along with the judges’, the winner of this dance competition was Osheen Shrestha.
“The dance competition was good on overall. I had mixed feelings after the performance and felt glad to win. But I feel the prize should have been a bit more so that students would feel more encouraged “- Osheen Shrestha ’18
Such competitions allow students’ to be free from their regular hectic schedules and to bring out their hidden talents. We hope that in future such competitions would be further organized so as to motivate and encourage the students in dancing.