Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Open Screening - Session II

By Sweekriti Gautam

Picture: Documentary, Movie, Dramatics
After the success of the Open Screening- Session I, Documentary, Movie and Dramatics club came up with Session II. In the first session, three short movies were screened directed by Meelan and Sweekar Shahn. The support and positive response from the audience in the first session encouraged the club to continue the open screening. Open Screening - Session II was conducted on Mar. 9, 2017. Three short movies were screened in this session - Gathaso, The Magical Trang and Khana Kham na... (Let's have dinner). In order to bridge the gap between the Nepali filmmakers and the audience, the club had come up with the idea of Nepali Movies Open Screening. In each session, the Nepali filmmakers will be screening their films and interact with the audience. Session - II was the first session in which the club invited a filmmaker outside of Deerwalk, Mr.Nawa Shrestha. The second session gave a better experience than the previous one as the audience could understand and analyze the Nepali film industry more closely. The audience got a great opportunity to understand the artistic vision of the filmmakers. It connected the audience with the people who think creatively and in a different perspective. The screening session was followed by an interaction session with the Nepali filmmaker, Mr. Nawa Shrestha. There were a lot of queries from the audiences as the movies were of a different kind. It took a little while for the audience to get the main gist behind each film. Mr. Shrestha addressed the audience clearing all their queries and also shared his thoughts and ideas. It ended up to be an interactive session.
"Overall, the session was a success which of course encourages us to continue. Filmmakers were also happy from the response of the audiences. We may be unable to reach the expectations of the audience but we are glad to introduce a different genre of film to our audience." - Abhishek Khatiwada
With the motto of promoting Nepali films, this is a great initiative taken by the club. The club has been providing a great opportunity for the audiences to understand the creative minds who think differently. This session has been simultaneously benefiting both the filmmakers as well as the audience. The filmmakers can increase the number of the viewers through this session whereas the audience can broaden their knowledge and clear their queries regarding the Nepali film industry.