Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

An Open-Minded and a Poised Individual: SUSHIM POUDYAL

By Navaraj Kharel

Radiating positive energy and kicking off the conversation with a cordial smile, Sushim Poudyal, the one whom most of the DWIT students may have noticed as one of the judges in the Deertalk sessions, is now an official member of DWIT family. He joined DWIT on November 1st, 2014 as a Senior Training Coordinator. At DWIT, he will oversee Professional Training Unit and its activities. He is an expert Management Practitioner both on national and international level. He has a rich professional experience of more than 20 years in managerial and leadership capacities in different organizations of Nepal and abroad. Prior to joining DWIT, he served as an HR Consultant to Deerwalk Services. He believes that he is just a learner, a kid on the block of learning how things actually work and understanding the mysteries of life. To gather some more information about him, we sat with him for an interview. Tell us a little bit about your background: I did a B.Com. from Tribhuvan University. I further completed both Bachelor and Masters in Business Administration from the USA. Most of my working professional life - about 20 + years - was spent abroad in multiple multinational companies ranging from Kodak Singapore to Duke Energy, North America including Canada. I worked in managerial and leadership capacities in those organizations. I had also been engaged in conducting workshops and seminars for managers and executives primarily on soft skills/life skills as a coach both in Nepal and abroad. How would you describe your childhood? I was a curious and an inquisitive kid. I always had a sense of wonder as to how things worked in the universe. So, I was always questioning almost everything from conventional beliefs, accepted societal norms to our existence and roles in the universe. Besides, since my father was an officer in Nepal Rastra Bank and had to go from East to West in Nepal as part of his job, I used to get a lot of opportunities to travel to different places with him during my vacations. As a result, I have traveled to a lot of places in Nepal. During one of my visits to Dhangadi, I got a chance to meet “Khaptad Baba”, an enlightened yogi in Dhangadi. An interaction with him deeply encouraged me to explore my true nature. Further, my parents were always proud of my academic performance. I always stood first in class and never had to pay fee for studies. Overall, my childhood went well and the culture and knowledge that my parents gave me have indeed helped me reach to this stage of life. What inspires you the most?  The nature of myself! There is no end to searching the mysteries of life. Sometimes I wonder, “Who am I?” Is my name the only identity I possess? What is my own real nature? What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? To talk about my strength, pursuit of knowledge and wisdom is my passion. Every day, I am in search of knowledge and I always tend to learn from things happening in my surrounding and in life in general. I am a freedom seeker and I do not accept boundaries and hate being ordered/ forced to do something. I believe that everything can be settled out in a polite and positive way. Therefore, not being able to tolerate suffocation and pressure is my weakness. How do you like to enjoy yourself? I enjoy every work I do. My motto is: You got to do what you love and love what you do. I enjoy the most when I meditate. I love to do the study of the underlying principles that give rise to the unified natural world. I also love to read non-fictional and spiritual books. My hobbies include exploring and understanding metaphysics, non-fictional and spiritual books and scriptures, interacting with nature, hiking, and listening to instrumental music. What emotion (anger, fear, anxiety) makes you out of control?  I had all these emotions long time back. But now I have almost taken over all these negative emotions. I have been able to do it only because of my experience as a Life Coach and regular practice of Vipassana Meditation. How was your first seminar as a Life Coach? I was a bit nervous at first but now I do not have a single ounce of that. It has become a second nature, if you will. I love doing seminars on life and soft skills nowadays. You inspire people to smile and live in the present moment; do you remember when you last cried? How did you boost yourself at that situation?  (laughs)…I actually do not remember it. I have cried in my life but specifically I am not able to recall any such past experience now. I console myself and ask myself, “What is going on?” I get energy from my source – the living energy, soul- the source of everything manifest and obscure. You mentioned that you are writing a book on your real life experiences. When are you going to publish it? I am not a professional writer. I just scribble down things that are in my heart sprouting intuitively deep within me. I have been writing for some time now. So, my writings have just piled up and have taken a size of a book. I am lucky enough to have a family and few friends who encourage me to write and publish it. I will publish it one day, hopefully! What is your role at DWIT? My major responsibility at DWIT is to strengthen, grow and lead DWIT Professional Training Unit. Besides, I take on non-credit classes for students. And I also help the Management to get things done if my expertise is sought for. What do you want to teach to the students of DWIT? I would like to make DWIT students be aware of their unnoticed, hidden dimensions. I want to arouse areas of their personalities and intelligence that are in the sleeping mode. I want to ignite the fire of their hidden potentials and intelligence. Drawing on my past professional experiences, primarily in multiple multinational companies abroad, I am confident that I can certainly help steer DWIT and direct it towards a potentially flourishing, enriching and rewarding adventure. What is your philosophy about failure? It is a part of life. In any event, failure is our only interpretation of the event. There are not any criteria to measure failure and nor are there any formulas for success. What boosts your energy to keep going?  I get energy from my meditation, which clarifies a lot of things to go on. You teach many people interesting ways to take control on their thoughts and behaviors in order to make positive changes. Can you share a few with us?  Try to understand how your mind works or why do you act, react or behave the way you do. Understand the mechanisms of mind conditioning and its tremendous impact on your actions and behaviors. Always think positive. For every atom in this universe, there is a corresponding atom in a parallel universe. There is a vibration of waves in the entire universe with your thoughts. You always get back what you throw/project in the universe; your thought in the universe is just like a ripple in a huge pond.  Your thought has a snowball effect. Seeds of creation and reality are your own thoughts. Understand and watch your mind and its activities as a silent observer! Don’t try to control it. You mentioned that you love traveling. How many countries have you traveled to so far? How do you adapt yourself in different cultures and with total strangers? Sharing it per your request, I have traveled to many countries either on my official duty or on sabbaticals. Firstly, I have been to most parts of our own country. Some of the foreign countries that I have been to are: the United Kingdom, US, France, Greece, Singapore, Canada, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Bangkok and India. Being open minded, listening emphatically to people from diverse backgrounds and respecting their ideas and culture is how I adapt in other culture. What is your final piece of advice to the students of DWIT? Always remember that your attention is your real power which is in your control. Be focused, enjoy life, list your goals and pursue them, understand yourself, awaken the leader within you, lead not follow. Everyone is distinct originally, be yourself. It’s OK to be yourself. The entire creation will not see a person like you again in its life time. You are that important! Do not be a carbon copy. Try to get into the depth of knowledge and wisdom, learn from your mistakes but do not repeat again, think positive. Finally, I would like to thank you on behalf of the DWIT News Club for taking some time out of your busy schedule. It's my pleasure to interact with you. I love to share no matter what, be it time, or knowledge/wisdom, or even food (smiles)! I know, by sharing I gain more, I am selfish on that (smile). Cheers & thank you!!!