Fri, 24 May, 2024

OnePlus and ASUS : Arrival of the 3s

By Saras Karanjit

Photo Courtesy: Saras Karanjit

Smartphones these days have become smarter and more powerful than ever. All the versatility you need is now in the palm of your hand. With brands like Apple and Samsung producing new and advanced features in their products which one could only imagine of only a decade ago, others have managed quite well to keep up with the competition. Emerging brands like the new OnePlus, as well as ASUS, have made quite a statement when both of these companies launched their latest products recently.

While OnePlus launched the much awaited OnePlus 3, ASUS also announced the launch of Zenfone 3, a successor from its previous model Zenfone 2. Both of these are really powerful and multitasking phones and are believed to give a tough completion to some of the high-end phones from the renowned brands.

The screens of both these phones are similar with a 5.5 inches display. Both have Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow) as their OS but the OnePlus 3 has an edge in the chipset with Snapdragon 820 compared to Zenfone 3’s Snapdragon 625. The Zenfone comes in a variant model of 32 and 64GBs of internal memory and 3/4 GBs of RAM while the OnePlus 3 offers a whopping 6GBs of RAM. This 6GBs is the most one can find in smartphones these days.

OnePlus used the invite system in its previous installments but this time, they have taken the invite system out of the equation. ‘Never Settle’ as the slogan of OnePlus goes; it has always provided customers with something new and exciting.


On the other hand, ASUS has also brought a lot of upgrade from Zenfone 2. ASUS has launched the new Zenfone 3 in three models, namely Zenfone 3, Zenfone 3 Deluxe and Zenfone 3 Ultra, with Deluxe being the most powerful one.

Both of these phones cost about $550 varying according to different models. These phones might well prove to be flagship killers of 2016 and as well be a benchmark for other high-end devices in the market. In the battle between these top notch devices, choosing one is a tough ask. Both comprise of similar yet slight different specs which will help buyers to choose what they need and what’s better for them. With phones this powerful, OnePlus and ASUS surely are making their presence felt in the global market.