Fri, 24 May, 2024

One Thing You Dislike About DWIT

By Nisha Dhungana

Everything in this world has good and bad perspectives. Criticism helps us to improve the quality of our behavior. Likewise, we all know the good aspects of DWIT, it provides us (the students) best environment for studying computer science and information technology. It helps us boost our personality with extra-curricular activities. But, have we asked students about what are they not satisfied with? Different people have different ways to see the objects around them which they are habituated with. DWIT News has asked few students of DWIT to write about the things they dislike about the college. Here are some of them:

“Frankly speaking, I do not have any specific thing to be mentioned regarding my dislikes in DWIT, however I have seen some of the aspects that needs to be improvised; Budget menu in canteen for students. Classroom décor and heating system in winter. Basketball court renovation.”

-Malika Adhikari, Batch of 2019

“One thing I didn’t like about DWIT was the study timetable. I mean, we have classes starting at 9 and then we have to stay till 4 PM for the last class with the entire classes off from 11 o’clock.”

-Pratibh Acharya, Batch of 2015

“One thing I hate about DWIT at this moment is This is a new step which is good but I hate it because I miss many assignments as I am not habituated to this new approach, so I always forget to visit this platform to check my assignments. And it is too slow. Hope I will get habituated to it and might start loving it too in the near future.”

-Abhishek Khatiwada, Batch of 2018

“One thing I don’t like about DWIT is internet issue we face every day.”

-Umesh Dhungana, Batch of 2017

“One thing I hate about DWIT is giving too much high hopes for students. The management always gives speech on how DWIT will improve in future by adding more infrastructures, but only 10% of what they say happens. For instance, they said they are adding solar panels for DWIT. They added it. All students were happy that they can work even if there is no electricity. But, all went in vain. The solar was only for DWS. This is just an example. There are many more. Hence, giving high hope speech is what I don't like about DWIT.”

-Sagar Giri, Batch of 2016

“I hate that there's no way to suggest things anonymously like this. You cannot be the “Best IT College” without taking into account of your students' complaints. What's the use of claiming to be the best if the students are not satisfied with what you're offering? There should be a platform where students can anonymously suggest things that they want to see change in the college (should be open to all to view so that they can vote on something that needs to be addressed faster), just like the way Rudra Sir did in his last visit. We heard many voices there. So, I'm sure there are a lot of things the college could improve on. If only they would be kind enough to listen to us. And yes, privacy needs to be maintained.”


“The most pathetic thing about DWIT is 'Timing of Lunch'. Normally, the class starts in time between 7-8 AM. So, it is literally impossible to have meal at home. But due to lack of proper schedule sometimes we are compelled to remain hungry till 12-1pm of day. It is more like half day fasting. So the gastric problem is raising day by day which is hundred times serious concern than building a project in JAVA. I hope concerned authority will address this issue seriously.”

-Anish Thakuri, Batch of 2016

“The one thing I don’t like about DWIT is irregular class schedule. Sometimes we have whole day free classes and sometimes none. We get overloaded with assignments and could not manage our times.”

-Sweekirty Gautam, Batch of 2019

“The mismanaged sports equipment.”

-Subhamrit Bimali, Batch of 2019.

“One thing I don’t like about Dwit is the bias behavior that we face. Everyone is judged by their ability to read but not everyone is born the same, you know. We are being judged by our covers, which is the one thing I hate about DWIT the most.”


“Well there is too little to hate about DWIT but to point out some, I would say 'The Internet' and the long class hours. The Internet is really annoying. Can't even check my email. The long class hours from 8 to 5 is not productive at all. Keeps your mind dull and there is little room from creativity left.”

-Bimal Gaire, Batch of 2016

” Cigarette consumption by students.”

-Saurav Bhandari, Batch of 2019

To be continued in next issue with One best thing about DWIT……