Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Be the One Who Can Enlighten Many Souls!

By Barsha Dahal

“Shit..... I don’t want to wake up and go to the college today. I want to sleep all day and night and watch movies staying in my bed. Wow, if only this could happen!” We wish for this every morning. If you are an odd man out, then congratulations, you are extraordinary and great! We sometimes complain to our mother, “Mom, I hate capsicum and you knew that. Still, you prepared it? You want to see me hungry all day?” We say or let’s say, we order, “Dad I need a new phone soon. It must be iOS or Android”. You think money grows on a tree and that tree is accessible only to your dad, right? What is life in your opinion? It is mobile phones, hanging out with your friends, dating your lover, gaining higher education or playing games. Likewise, for me life is music, singing and dancing. Whether I am sad or happy, I need music all around. It is only my life and I don’t care about anything else. That’s the way I am, but sometimes I regret the way I think. Hey guys, is this all you want in life, your life? Has it ever crossed your mind how is life supposed to be for poorer ones? Life is hunger, starvation, dissatisfaction, agony, diseases, tears and loneliness for most of the people in this world. However, for us, pain is failing the exam, breaking up with our loved ones or getting scolded by our parents. We have not realized what actual pain is. Pain is when our stomach hurts due to hunger but we cannot get a single morsel of food. We all are very fortunate, but still our mind grumbles all the time. We have a room to stay. Wow! Some have their own homes. We can choose what we want to eat this morning. We can go to restaurants and eat burgers or pizzas. We can throw food if our tongue gets disgusted by its taste. We can buy clothes that suit us. While choosing clothes, does it ever cross your mind that some people do not have a single cloth to wrap their naked body with? How can we be so selfish? It is true that sometimes we have thoughts like, “Awww.. Poor family. I feel sorry for the life God gave them. May God bless them.” However, is this the only thing we can do? No, we can spend some of our time to uplift those lives. At least we can erase the hunger of some poor people or we can wrap their bodies with a single shirt. I, along with Shreha, Ruby and Sneha, had gone to a dance party organized by the Rotaract club. It was organized by the students of KMC. Sneha told us to give donation to Rotaract who will further provide food, clothes, medicines and even shelters to the needy people. When I asked Pranav Shrestha Nepali, one of the members of Rotaract what they’ll be doing with the donation, he replied, “This donation simply provides food, shelter, medicines and clothes to the poor people. Not a single penny is spent here and there. All contributions reach the needy.” When asked how he feels to be a part of it, he happily said that he was really proud of whatever he had been doing and he could see himself transforming from the careless Pranav to a responsible and an active person. He was telling his story, while I was feeling the warmth in my heart. Yeah... I want to feel that feeling, exactly the same feeling. If you have not given, then what have you lived? You might have lived the roles of children, parents, friends, lovers, but not a real human. To wear cloth, eat and sleep all night long is very easy task, yet you are not happy, why? It’s because the human inside you knows what you choose to ignore. Your soul knows life is not only about gaining, it’s also about giving. You have got everything but still you lack that power to think about spreading happiness within those helpless people. Just for a single day, live for others. Do something for others and see the difference between you yesterday and today. Just sacrifice something that you posses for others and look how happiness gets shared and life gets a chance to grow under a shade of sunshine. You were born in the fresh and tidy land. You were raised in a beautiful garden. If you cannot be the flowers of hope for those who were born in the muddy ponds then, what is the use of that identity, that flower? Every morning wake up with the confidence and belief to be that one thread which binds hundreds of flowers and makes an alluring garland. Even if you are alone, you can be that candle which can enlighten many souls. Help, support and love can break the walls of inhumanity, heartbreak and tragedy. Until death catches you, be the support of other’s life, be the reason of their survival and be that one word which can spread the smiles of happiness on those lips which have never smiled.