Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Am I the only one?

By Utkrista K.C.

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Amazing!! The ceiling is magnificently carved. Why the draperies of my classroom closed? Oh! No. Drowsiness, just leave me alone. Dear mind, why are you in a rush most of the time? Take it easy. You have nothing to accomplish at this time. (From the window) Now, the staffs are coming out of their room. May be it’s their lunch time. I am feeling hungry as well. Umm….Yesterday, we all enjoyed the yummy food. I relinquish. My dearest mind, you are now at statistics class and you are here for learning something. Focus! Focus! And focus!

I can hear the voice at the background. Why am I starting to think about teacher’s voice frequency? I could also feel the waves of sound. It obviously sounds mysterious. Shit again! Focus girl, focus! Girl “Statistics is not that hard as you take it.” But is my mind sluggish? ☹ Why do I feel that my mind is a closed jar? And the voice of teacher becomes the solid balls that rebound back after striking the closed jar. Am I taking class on Urdu language? Girl! You are lost again. It’s time to focus.

“Now, note down the practical questions. Practical question no. 1……”

Shit! I lost my pen somewhere. I am so careless.

“Aasha, do you have extra pen?”

“Yeah! Take it.”

Now, I will quickly note down the question. I am not used to writing with ball pen. Huh! What I am seeing now? The pen I borrowed is Cello Max writer. Wow! It says it is the longest writing pen on a strip attached to it. I could also see World’s first INOX tip. What is this INOX? Umm…forget it! Anyway it says first, that much is enough for me now. I am lucky to write with this pen today. Statistics, though I couldn’t grasp you today, you made me get to know much more.

You poor girl! You again missed to note down the questions. Why are you being this way? You were never like this.

Yeah…!(innocently nodding head)

Why I am feeling this way? Statistics is not a monster anyway. How can I go further if I am like this today? It’s better not to waste time by making a pile of questions.

“Today the class is over. You will be receiving mail by this evening for your assignments.”

“Yes!!! “

Am I the only one to take statistics as hard subject? Why it happens? I cannot have a control on my mind as well. How many days will I be skipping the lectures and get to know of all the things around? It is probably not a good way of solving .If it was the hardest subject then nobody till now would have made a try. This subject was made by humans and for humans. I am also not making a try on it. I am not that genius to understand all at once. I may not learn immediately but I will learn definitly. So, I won’t give up. ☺☺☺