Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Oh No! Exam Fever!

By Asmita Subedi

Oh Exams! :3 :3 Screwed up with fear! Look up the calendar and count the days so near. Act chilled and relaxed, no worries at all Because there are still a few more days to go after all... Then it clicks! Why not watch an inspiring movie? It’s a better idea to get refreshed before studying, isn’t the idea groovy? May be I shall get some encouragement to study, I think But the inspiration I get after movie ends in the eye’s quick blink TingTong!! Rings the phone and unexpectedly I get invited for a party Most excitedly I get ready and go out. . Dance and Party, Live life being hearty! :) Amazing! Then I remember to complete tasks left undone since long back Oh damn! There’s indeed a whole stack! Finally I decide to study but the laptop beside incites I end up searching for videos, and go on a dreamy flight Most fascinating, I, and I guess everyone else, Find everything interesting at the moment attempt to study fails After several vain efforts had I just opened the book But someone called me up, demanding my look “All ruined”, I feel when I realize that the days had fled in a blink “Promise! Serious Promise!! I shall better study from tomorrow”, I think But the same continues……. Days pass, I stay stuck in the first chapter, my attempt to study seems loose. Pain in the ass to realize that you are completely screwed up! Oh! Exam phobia, torment! Poor me! It’s time to head up! P.S.  Best of luck everyone!! Stay calm and be prepared. :) :)