Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

The Official Outdoor CR Meeting Gets Conducted for College Betterment

By Nikita Gautam

On 31st December 2014, the official outdoor CR meeting was held.  Class representatives from all the batches, namely, 2018 (Anushka Maharjan and Osheen Shrestha), 2017 (Mohan Singh Bomrel and Nikita Gautam), 2016 (Sameer Koirala and Sagar Giri) and 2015 (Pratibh Acharya) participated in the meeting, along with Chief Academic Officer, Hitesh Karki, and Academic Program Coordinator, Bijaya Shrestha.  Meeting was well scheduled in Manny's Eatery and Bar, Shaligram Complex, Lalitpur. Prior to the meeting date, CRs from each batch were asked to come prepared with a PowerPoint presentation, individually, to the meeting. Presentations were to be basically based on 3 major topics of discussion which were “What's going right at DWIT?”, “What's not going right at DWIT?” and “Ingenious ideas and suggestions in order to make DWIT the best college in Nepal”. Everyone gathered around the college premises and after collecting all the necessary things we left for Manny's in around 11:15 a.m. Presentation session commenced with presentation by Bijaya Shrestha, which was then followed by the CRs of all the batches. They individually presented their and their classmates’ views of the above-mentioned topics. Bijaya Shrestha delivered presentation about responsibilities and qualities that a good class representative must possess. Presentation session was followed by a discussion session where the methods and time frame for fulfillment of the presented ideas were analyzed. Delicious soup and toast was served as a breakfast and lunch was served at the end of the session. Students also admired the beautiful paintings that were auctioned at the restaurant. Meeting officially ended at around 4:00 pm.