Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Obesity: A Sin?

By Shreha Regmi

It was 6th November I think, the day when every one of us in the class Craig (our teacher), was teaching about Github, a web based hosting service for software development and code sharing. He referred us to a site, Bigthink. And as I was going through the site, I saw an article that really distracted me, “Overweight women are being unfairly punished in the labor market”. This topic shocked the hell out of me, and I was there, sitting on my chair and thinking “What the hell does this mean?” Ruby was sitting beside me and I showed her the article. She looked at me, saw my face and said to write an opinion on it, bring out your anger into your article, she said. I was like, “Oh! Yeah, definitely!” The article was about fat women not getting a good job or a good salary. “More weight = Less income”, Oh! Bullshit. Heavy-set women are less likely to receive promotions, are made to work in the corners and are least likely individuals to work in personal interaction occupations. Does it seem fair? No, nothing makes sense. Is being fat a sin? Can a woman not relax, eat whatever she wants, be it spicy, oily, and sweet or anything? Should she only be conscious about her appearance that she forgets to eat, to laugh and to enjoy her body? Aren’t we allowed to enjoy our inner beauty or is the world so changed that people judge everyone from their looks and not their behavior? We all know that this is the modern era, and there is this so-called fashion that every girl has to be slim and “beautiful”-i.e thin and fair. If you find fat girls, everyone just gives them a new name, calling them “Hey fatty!”, “Jumbo”, “Huge” and many more. I am not super thin, and even I have been teased because of my weight. Most of the times, they’re your friends and most of the times, it is okay. But sometimes, the joke gets ugly and it hurts you.  Well, yeah, you don’t show it to them, but hey, that doesn’t mean that anyone can go on calling you such names when you’ve got yourself a beautiful self esteem. And as I am thinking, I think it is discrimination between the sexes. I’ve seen so many people going on a diet because they do not want to be called fat; they want to fit in the society-among the girls who are thin and beautiful. Sometimes your own family teases you for being too fat, I’ve heard a lot from my sister, some of my relatives say it to me all the time. But look at me, I’m enjoying my body, my weight. It’s me who carries around my body everywhere, not others. Last week, I went for shopping and I couldn’t find anything to wear. Everywhere I go, there are clothes for only thin girls and it’s quite irritating. I see only cropped t-shirts, only small sized garments and clothes which mainly cater to a portion of society not all.  These things just get on my nerves. Don’t be mean people. Accept the fact that weight does not define personality. Be it thin or fat. . Do you guys not know Oprah Winfrey, Adele, Queen Latifah, Vidya Balan, Jill Scott? Oh, there are many more. Go and search in the internet. For those of you who don’t like fat women, go to hell, please. The world would be so much better without such Bs. I may sound rude, but when the term heavy-weight comes around, I get personal. And please, never mess with my weight. I’m serious about this. What I would like to tell everyone is, just because you appear to be thin and slim doesn’t mean that you’re beautiful. Beauty comes from your heart, not from your appearance. Appearance doesn’t last forever, but your heart and your behavior do.  I am fat, and I may not appear to be beautiful, but I’ve definitely got a beautiful heart. And I’m proud of myself. I will not allow anyone, and I mean ANYONE, define my beauty or any other woman’s.