Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

NTC announces Call Waiting Service

By Sweekriti Gautam

Nepal Telecom has always made endeavours in providing its customers with a quality service since the last 13 years. The main focus of Nepal Telecom is to provide reliable and cost effective service to all its users. To remain as a dominant player in the sector of Telecommunication, NT has been extending its services and facilities to its users. On the occasion of 13th anniversary of Nepal Telecom, it has come up with call waiting service for its users. Nepal Telecom announced this service today its official website. With this facility, users can get the notification of another incoming call while they are busy on another call. Users can decide either to accept or reject the call. This facility is not provided at the time of the activation but needs to be activated by the user. If the new call is accepted then the user can switch between the two calls. How to activate the service (Prepaid users only) To activate this service in your NTC number, dial "*43#" and press call. And, you are good to go. If you later felt like deactivating the service then you can do so by dialling " #43# " and press call. You can also check the status of the Call Waiting service by dialling "*#43#". This is a free service from NTC, no charge and tax will be applied for activating, deactivating or checking the status. This is an important feature required by every mobile user. This kind of service should haveĀ been activated at the time of registration and available for all the NT users. NTC might be successful in extending this service among more users if it would be available for every pre-paid and post-paid user as well.