Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Now You See Me

By Shreeya Pandey

Picture Courtesy: Google Images

Now you see me is an American thriller directed by Louis Latterier starring Jessie Eisenberg(Danny) , Mark Ruffalo(Dylan), Melanie Laurent(Alma) ,Dave Franco(Jack), Isla Fisher(Henley),  Michael Caine(Arthur) ,Woody Harrelson(Merritt), and Morgan Freeman(Thadeus).

The plot revolves around four magicians, Danny, Jack, Henley, and Arthur, who are brought together by a mysterious benefactor. A year later, they become the four horsemen, big time stage magicians who climax their show by robbing a bank for real. In order to find out the secret behind this illusion, an FBI agent, Dylan and an Interpol agent, Alma comes together and take help from Thadeus, a former magician, who can reveal the secret behind any illusion. Meanwhile, Alma presumes that the four horsemen may be linked to a secret group of magicians "the eye". Furthermore after research, she discovers that one of the members of “the eye”, Lionel Shrike, in an attempt to build his carrier after he was exposed by Thadeus, died during a failed escape attempt from a safe decade ago.

The cat and mouse chase thus begins and Jack, one of the four horsemen dies after a high-speed car chase by the FBI, in an attempt to flee with some important documents. After retrieving those documents, the FBI gets to know that the horsemen are planning to steal a cash-filled safe .On the other hand, the four horsemen announce that they will be performing their final trick and invite the public to attend. Meanwhile, the FBI finally track down the safe but to their utter shock, the safe is fake filled with balloons.The horsemen then jump from the top of the building after giving the final speech and as they begin falling, they transform into a shower of counterfeit money and the real money from the safe is found in Thadeus’s car who is later arrested and is presumed as the fifth horseman.

In the cell, Thadeus discloses the illusion behind how the horsemen stole the money to Dylan and believes that there is an inside man who is helping the four horseman whereupon he realizes that it's none other than Dylan, thus creating the major twist in the story.

The three horsemen are shown to be at Central Park and the fourth horseman joins them. It is revealed that they had faked his death. Dylan appears before them reveals himself to be the mysterious benefactor and welcomes the horsemen to the eye.

After that, he meets Alma and reveals to her that reveals himself to be the son of Lionel Shrike and confessing his crimes to her.