Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Be Normal Be Original

By Barsha Dahal

Photo Courtesy http://cdnpix.com/ Be normal Be original Be bold Be strong… I am Be successful Be happy Be mature Be responsible… I will be Society, you expect me to be the honest girl I should not think about myself, my dreams and all You say, "Always grow and rise no need to fall." You never taught me to climb up and sometime even crawl Parents, I know you always loved me and my comfort There are many bitter truths and realization undiscovered When will you let me get hurt, cry loud and again recovered? Let me collect those smiles, those happiness that has been shattered. How can I forget you my dear teachers, who always taught me to express You did a mistake, why did you never tell me everyone is different, no need to impress? You stopped the flow of my dreams; you snatched my freedom to speak and all those daring steps Do this… not that…. Argh! Just let me know when will my life be free from these protests? Today I realized thinking about everyone will just make my life more arduous I can just be wild, free, sexy, beautiful, attentive, clever and always curious That will define me, call it my identity or my attitude and yes, this time, I’m serious.