Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

Normal Cinema Halls VS Multiplexes: Which One Outweighs the Other?

By Asmit Ojha

The culture of going out to watch movies has been flourishing in Nepal in the recent years. More and more multiplexes are being established, especially in the Kathmandu Valley. Obviously, they provide mouth watering services along with ultra-modern facilities. However, the old cinema halls, still relying on very old technologies, are also running well. So, we tried to conduct an opinion poll on what people think and prefer. Here's what we got.

There can be no comparison. The multiplexes charge a lot of money, 3-4 times as much as normal halls. So, people should choose as per their budget and convenience for going out to watch movies. We cannot compare the facilities with normal halls. Suman  Maharjan, DWIT 

Frankly speaking, the true fun and experience of watching movies is much more at multiplexes than normal halls. There's so much in multiplexes that we totally miss in others. Watching 3D and action movies takes us to whole new world. Suraj Regmi, DWIT

In normal halls, I have experienced a kind of fear and a lack of security for females. There are different kind of people whistling and shouting during movies and can harm people, especially females. So, I suggest going to multiplexes which are worth their charge with enough security. Melisha Koirala, BBA, Everest College 

If you want to watch normal Nepali and Hindi movies, then go to normal halls with a reasonable ticket price. But, if you want to experience the true thrill of 3D and English action movies, I strongly suggest not to fall back from paying some extra pence and going to modern multiplexes. Niroj Bhattarai, Thapathali Engineering College 

In this modern world with new emerging technologies, people should not go to old cinema halls. They should experience new technologies and services provided to them in multiplexes. As far as money is concerned, multiplexes in Nepal are quite expensive and not affordable to people of all classes. So, one should choose as per their capacity. However, I must say, some multiplexes are worth paying. Bishram Ghimire, Nepal Commerce Campus 

Movies are meant to entertain people, no matter what. So, I think this comparison is not worthy. People can have fun watching movies, be it in ultra-modern multiplexes or a normal cinema hall. All so-called normal cinema halls are not bad and return good value for money. So, I favor going to normal halls with much less expenditure. Subash Chaudhary, Kathmandu Medical College 

Being an IT student, I want to utilize modern facilities. Multiplexes provide online booking and ticketing facilities which help to get rid of long queue in front of the hall. Further, it provides ample parking space and security. So, I suggest going to multiplexes and being free from unnecessary hassle. Anish Dhakal, DWIT

If you are going with your family, then I strongly suggest paying more and going to multiplexes. You can be free from hassle of ticketing, parking, lunching and many more. And, you should not be wary of the embarrassment from whistling and shouting of other undisciplined people inside the hall. Bharosha Ghimire, Ambition College

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