Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

No Wonder

By Suraj Prasai

I was thinking a lot about what to write this week and kept on thinking, "What is creativity?”, “How do I write a creative writing?” And I searched for quite a while on the topic. However, I still don't have any topic to write about.

I distracted myself and thought about something else. I listened to music, watched TV and at last I found a few things to write about. Various thoughts and ideas came to mind but I can only seem to write about 3 sentences to describe each of them. “How can I make three sentence turn to 300 words?”, I kept questioning myself.

It was in that moment when she suddenly came to mind. She was besides me during an examination when I noticed my heart beating quicker. I wondered why that was happening for she was the devil who stole my heart. That’s when I realized, “The devil isn’t some red guy with horns and tail, the devil can be beautiful.”

I was like a kite and she the pilot,

She cut the string and

Now I am swaying in the air hoping to find her,

Hoping that the wind will lead me to her,

I can feel her presence but cannot see her

as I am still dancing with the wind hoping to find her.

But the wind deceived me,

It pushed, pushed and kept on pushing me,

And now I am on break, Trying to remember her,

for she is the devil who stole my heart,

For she is the devil who has yet to break my heart.

No wonder I always liked you,

no wonder it’s so hard to find you,

no wonder you never show up,

u make my mind blow up,

You might have returned to your home,

And I will gladly follow you to hell,

For I realized the devil can be beautiful,

For I realized I was in love with you.