Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

No More Mercy

By Saurav Karki

My dear, You've got attitude sickness, So, please don't listen me.   Yes, I'm a thief, Who can steal your heart. Yes, I'm a goon, Who can purpose you in the midst of crowd. Yes, I'm the same crazy, Who can make you laugh till you have tears. Had anyone ever been so courageous, Been so sober, Been the very same to you? But, please don't listen me.   Look yourself in the mirror Peep once, peep twice in your mirror. How cool your image appears? How perfectly the mirror reveals your secret? The ghost inside of you. The ugly and cunning ghost inside of you. But, please don't listen me.   Sorry dear, I have slightly changed my philosophy. Now, I ain't gonna give damn to you. Mercyful I was, but not now. Sorry, If you're confused. But I'm not raising my voice, I'm simply making my argument better. The argument of reality, Your attitude is worthless of mercy.

About Author:
Saurav Karki is BBA undergrad at Nepal Commerce Campus, Tribhuvan University. Cool, Frank, Freaky, none of these words have enough power to describe him. At his best, he is a photographer, who explores the wonders of nature as a profound traveler. His interests include Accountancy, Music, Social services and reading Literatures. He writes, when his heart provokes him, thus hurls his pen relative with the paper.