Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

New Year’s Spark

By Aasha Poudel

Tick…...tock……tick……tock…… (12:00 AM) Dong……dong…….. Boom……boom……. Happy New Year!!!!! :D Happy New Year!!!!! :D Beers!!!!….Roasted chicken!!!.. :D ….Cakes!!!….Cookies!!!…. Let’s start the party!!! Bright cities, sparkling lights, decorated homes, smiling faces, songs and music, wishing and blessing each other with happiness and welfare, that’s what we call the charms of New Year. New Year’s Day is special to everyone. It is the day when everyone forgets all the harshness of life and blends it with happiness; everyone looks forward for a fresh start with new possibilities, new thoughts and new hopes. Counting down and waiting for the clock to strike 12:00 AM, being loud and carefree, wishing yourself and your family members, friends and loved ones, quickly grabbing the phone and messaging everyone dear to you, uploading status and wishing your Facebook friends, Twitter buddies are the thrills of New Year that make us enthusiastic to look forward to tackle all the upcoming problems and difficulties that may occur in our life. Visiting our relative’s house, gathering around a table and listening to each other’s past accomplishments, digging up past’s embarrassing and funny memories, cracking jokes, playing pranks on each other are yet another memories made during New Year. In addition to that, asking about each other’s resolutions and plans, making promises to ourselves about working hard in the upcoming year and being able to learn more about ourselves and about our dear ones are other charms of the New Year. Engraving all things that we have done over the year in our memories, thanking everyone for filling our year with happiness, wearing beautiful dresses, partying all night, visiting different places and being able to spend time and welcome a whole new year with open arms with our loved ones are the things that help us to move forward forgetting all the worries and troubles. Last but not the least: A fulfilling year has gone and a promising new year has come. The year has just begun; let’s fulfill it with lots of memories and smiles. “HAPPY NEW YEAR” :D