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New Year Resolutions

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Barsha Dahal, Batch 2017

Barsha dahalBe a child again!! To be a child, free from judgments and comparisons are the attitudes I want to develop. I don’t know why but nowadays I am being judgmental. Wherever I go, whatever I do there is a kind of feeling that makes me upset. I was never like this before. Today I went to meet my 25 days old brother. When his small hands touched my hands I felt a kind of relief. His eyes were so cute, innocent but still full of love. That part of realization made me question myself, ”if this child can possess so much of love then why cannot I spread love among everyone without being judgmental?” I hate this part of me. If someone hurts me then that person does not deserve any space in my mind. Still why I keep on thinking they are bad? O god, that’s really frustrating. Many times comparisons make my mind full of stress.  I want to change this behavior of mine. I promise at least I will try to make my mind free from judgments. Being mature does not mean just to be successful in our work. But it means to understand each and every situations of our life without being judgmental. I have to understand comparison is not going to show me the right path. Some achievements may be actual achievements for others but for me they may not be what I actually wish for. I just want to be like a child who does not care about anything. They just seek love and spread happiness. That’s all I want from myself in this New Year. Happy New Year 2015! Live every moment without comparing and being judgmental because your flowers cannot grow in other’s garden.   Sanjeev Mainali, Batch 2016 Sanjeev MainaliWell, the New Year for me is just another wonderful moment to learn, share and experience a new taste of life. Yeah! Sometimes I wish of becoming something in my life that could really make my dream come true. However, I have never known what my dream actually is? What will I achieve in my near future? But what I do know is one day; I will be the person this world is actually looking for. If I have to say something about my resolution this year, I don't know exactly but yes, I wish to find my dream. And for now that dream is to share happiness among my friends, family and my loved ones. Happiness for me is a key to success. I've always been in search for happiness, happy faces, and happy people because that is what motivates me to always go on and give the best I can. My entire life I have always run after happiness, happy faces around me because that makes me feel good and motivates me to share my thoughts with people. What I wish this year is to be a better person than before with a motto " Always Be Happy :)" Have fun this year! Be Happy!   Nikita Gautam, Batch 2017  Nikita GautamWith time, a glowing flower shades and a new bud hatches with new hopes, sincerity and surprises. Gradually years pass by and fills it's jar of experience. Now it's time to say goodbye to the bitter and happy moments of 2014 and to welcome 2015 with arms wide open. My resolution for the year 2015 has a bunch of list. In the year 2015, I will try to grow myself better as a student. I plan to try something new that I haven't been doing. I plan to manage time so that I could carry my hobbies along with my hectic schedule. I plan to finish 10 novels in minimum count. I plan to be less depressed and spend most of the time being happy with my friends and family. I plan to set a step in becoming independent when it comes to money. Every month of the year, I plan to learn something new and implement those things in my daily life. This may be related to health, computer science, or society etc. I also plan to sketch as much as I can, so that I would miss a part of myself that I love the most. I don't really plan things beforehand and so overall I plan to do things different this year.   Shreha Regmi, Batch 2017 Shreha RegmiOkay, so New Year 2015 right? I've made a hell lot of resolution for the past few years. I wanted to study hard, I wanted to be the best, I always wanted to be happy, I wanted to be slim and Oh! I cannot even remember all of those. Maybe, wanting to be something comes from inside of my inner soul, and maybe in my case that something was still inside. For this year, I do not think that I have made any such resolution so far. I am happy, I have people who love me, and I have people whom I love. I don't want to be slim as such because I am who I am. I will study whenever I want to study. But yes, I do want to make my mom happy and this is one resolution that I'll never miss. Happy New Year Folks!!     Suman Thapa, Batch 2016 Suman Thapa My New Year's resolution for 2015 is to: 1. Involve more in project works. 2. Focus on mobile application development. 3, At the mid of the semester I have a plan to go for bungee jumping with my friends for the entertainment. 4. Likewise I want to spend my more time in research works.       Manish Dangi,Batch 2018 Manish DangiIt’s obvious for many of us to make a plan to start something new, to change our characters in order to do work differently rather than doing different work. We all come up with the regular resolutions for the upcoming year (losing weight, seeing family more often and/or falling in love), but often our ideas of what should change are too broad. Here are the few resolutions I have taken for the year 2015. 1. I am going to maintain my impression in DWIT as an innovative and diligent student. 2. Practice meditation often. I haven’t done it till now. 3. Cross something off my bucket list. Sky dive, bungee jump, Rafting, etc. I am going to try all these this year.      

Bimal Gaire, Batch 2016

Bimal GaireWell! I am not much of a New Year Resolution kind of guy. Actually I don’t want fall in the stereotype of setting goals and forgetting everything at the start of February. But still deep inside there always lays that overwhelming feeling that keeps you going on and on remembering what you had promised to yourself. I want to accomplish some great things in the coming year. So, here are some of my resolutions: 1. Sleep on time and don’t show up late for class.  2. Rejoin the gym, which I left after going for three weeks.  3. Read at least 10 really nice books and cutting off the hours I spend on movies.  4. Develop a software application of my own.  5. Do not use my pocket money for the things I want rather use it for things I need (sounds cliché)  6. Finally! Finally! Finally! Learn to play guitar, which I have not been able despite joining occasional classes for the past 3 years.   Bidish Acharya, Batch 2016 Bidish AcharyaAs I prepare to make my resolution for the year, 2015 - a lot of desires hit my head. Some are doable, some are seemingly impossible, but as I write them down, I'm not letting the real life scenarios have a handle in my inclination to do a lot of things. So, here goes the top 5: 1. Read at least 20 books.  2. Bungee Jumping.   3. Love others and myself.   4. Implement at least one of the two ideas that I'm working on; possibly both.  5. Screw my comfort zone.       Kundan Shumsher Rana, Batch 2016 Kundan Rana2014 was such a surprising year for me. Some things went my way, others didn’t. So I am not going to make empty resolutions this year. Lose Weight, that’s so cliché. Study harder and smarter, 2 years left for to complete my under graduation, so definitely. Be nicer to others, this one I am going to keep no matter what. There are so many other things but these are the top priority ones. So I am going in to 2015 with a plan to make my life better and do something grand this year. That’s a promise.        


Dipen Subba (Security guard)   First of all, I am happy to be a part of this family. So, I would like to continue working here at Deerwalk and I would be serving the best I can. As usual, I want to make others happy and spend good time with them. Like everyone wishes to earn money and be settled in their life, I will also try fulfilling my wishes in this upcoming year.           Rabin Shahi (Deerwalk Tours and Travel) There are many plans in my mind but no one can deny the fact that everything does not happen as we wish or think. I have been part of this Deerwalk family and I feel good about it. I used to stay in a small room but now have managed to construct a small house of my own. This is the greatest achievement I have made so far in this year. There is not much to share about. Lastly I vow to be a better person each day and wish to be permanent staff here at Deerwalk in this upcoming year 2015.



Sushil Rijal, Msc Construction Management  IOE, Pulchowk Campus. Sushil RijalWell, I always worked passionately completing my first resolution that I have made four years ago to myself. It was getting a BE degree in civil engineering from IOE, Pulchowk Campus and with support of people around me who constantly encourage me when I am low I did it. I have a less number of resolutions this year. I believe to make it all. So here is the list: 1. I will secure a dream job this year. I will get prepared by learning required skills.  2. I will keep journal regularly.  3. I will be giving lesser time on Facebook and smartphone.  4. I will not throw rubbish other than dustbin.  5. I will develop more positive attitude toward the world and encourage others too for the same cause. (I think this is the reason for distrust in our society)  (Shushil is Navaraj's school friend)   Reporters Involved: Navaraj Kharel, Aasha Poudel, Utkrista K.C.