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New Year With New Aspiration: RESOLUTIONS 2016

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Picture Courtesy: Sumit Shrestha

Lets hear what people have to say:

"Turn my hobby into career and learn to be more self reliant."

Saurav Bhandari, Batch 2019, DWIT

"My new year resolution is to always stay proactive in my studies."

Sulav Prasai, Batch 2019, DWIT

"To exercise regularly , stay healthy and fit."

Bishnu Prasad Tiwari , IOE

"I will try to spend minimal money buying clothes and give some amount as  charity."

Yukti Bista , Trinity Int'l college

"I want to maintain my weight below 72 kg .To do so, I will have to exercise, walk more and play tennis."

Sushil Pandey (Shreeya Pandey's Father)

"Life is a learning process. We make mistakes and eventually learn from them. Life teaches us many things as we grow older. Similar thing happened to me in the year 2015. I believe not to repeat those mistakes that I made and will try to apply what I've learned in the year 2016. Despite all those hardships and failures in the past, I will try not to give up with what I've started. Life must move on with full dedication and perseverance and so will I. This will be my ultimate resolution for this year."

Bipin Paudel, Batch of 2017, DWIT

"Umm.. I get stuck into facebook most of the time and sometimes I feel that I must give up this habit.  This was my last year's resolution but I hope to complete it this year."

Shrabya Parajuli, St Xaviers

"I always have had a dream to make my family smile. I am here studying in India but I will try to bring that smile I want this year."

Aashish Karki, MMIT

"Fast foods really do attract me. I have been asked not to have fast foods but I can't control myself but this year I shall try not to eat too much of fast food stuffs. This is my resolution for the year."

Luxmi Bhattarai, Bethmal Medical Foundation

"My new year resolutions are never achieved. HaHa.... Anyways, I wanna have iphone 6 plus this year ."

Samrat Shrestha, Lord Buddha Education Foundation

"My New Years Resolution is to complete all of our pending national projects that we could not complete last year due to a lack of financial resource. The main aim of our organization is to focus on the development of rural areas of the country. We fund different schools, build libraries and provide the less fortunate with the gift of education. So my New Years resolution is to complete all of our targets that we set out to complete and to keep on growing as a person both physically and mentally"
Niket Poudel, President MCFC Nepal (Manchester City Football Club Nepal) - A working non-profit NGO