Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

New Session Introduced In DeerTalk, DWIT

By Sushil Awale

Picture Courtesy: The Deer Express Club

On June 24th, the Deer Express Club initiated a new session, “Scenario Session” for the DeerTalk. The 18th season of DeerTalk, which started on May 27th, featured only the students from the batch of 2019 and it concluded on June 24th with the “Scenario Session”.

In this session, the participants were given a scenario on the spot and they had to express how they would have reacted if they were in that situation. There was a total of 9 images that were hidden inside the folders and the participant had to choose a number when called upon and speak for at least 1 minute and 30 seconds on the chosen scenario.

The pictures in the session were related to social issues such as bullying, animal violence, and nepotism. Since this was the first session of its kind, the participants seemed a little baffled. But, as the session continued, the participants started to get the hang of it, and the latter participants performed well.

Prayush Shrestha, the vice president of the Deer Express Club explains, "With the elimination of presentation session the club had been looking for a replacement; a session that would live up to the standard of other Deer Talk session and also build the participants creativity and free thinking. The basic idea came from a classroom activity that was done in the English class which led us in making it an official session for DeerTalk. We hope that this session will continue to live up to the standard of DeerTalk."

Dhiraj Dhunagana was the runner-up in the session whereas Sushant Pokharel won the session with just a difference of 0.1. Sushant Pokharel was more confident than the previous sessions and he claims he is no longer afraid of speaking in the mass. Sushant added, “The scenario session is an innovative session, and I enjoyed participating in this session. Although speaking spontaneously is always difficult, I felt confident this time as the previous session had taught me a lot.”

The session was attended by the Academic Officer, Bijay Kumar Shrestha who spontaneously participated in the session by talking on one of the scenarios. Similarly, Iris Pokharel and Takdir Bartula joined from the audience and spoke on a scenario each.

The new session in the DeerTalk has added excitement to an already exciting event. The success of this new session can only be determined in the upcoming seasons of DeerTalk.