Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

New and Improved DeerCoders

By Ashish Bikram Lamichane

  deercoders   DWIT is a college that has many clubs. Every club is led by the club’s president and vice president along with the help of the club members. The college has given authority to the clubs to conduct different activities in the college. One of the clubs which has not backed down to fulfill the responsibility given to them is the software club whose responsibility is to conduct different software related activities. DWIT organized an event called Deercoders with the intent of testing the logic and problem solving capabilities of the students as well as to help them enhance it. In this event there are 8 participants in each season and in each season there used to be 2 sessions, but it has now increased to 4 sessions. This event takes place every Wednesday in which each participant has to solve the given problem in C-programming in an hour. As time passes by, and everything can’t remain the same forever, the time has come for the clubs to be reshuffled. Every club member, including the president and vice-presidents were reshuffled and were replaced by new ones. As every person has their own view and idea of doing things, the new club members took no time to change the way of the Deercoders. According to Abhishek Gupta, president of software club, the 2 sessions were increased to 4 sessions because 2 sessions were not good enough to evaluate the participants. He wants to give the participant sufficient opportunities to showcase their coding capabilities. According to the president, he is planning to provide the link of the collection of the old question and the solution by older participants so that the interested students could know what type of the questions will be asked and how to deal with those questions. He wants to see every student being enthusiastic to participate in Deercoders. The software club is working really hard so that the students could get a chance to showcase as well as enhance their coding capabilities. They are always trying to find a way to make it easier for students to achieve new things. They are creating the competitive environment among the students and let the students know how much they know and how much they are lacking behind. It’s really good when others help us to know what we lack and what needs to be improved. I hope all the students become enthusiastic to participate in the Deercoders and appreciate what the software club is trying to do for them.