Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

New Hopes with the New Year

By Ashmita Kunwar

This is the end of one year and the inauguration of the new one,

With the past that I had left, giving the strength to live the next,

Another year I step with anticipation that might be of no regrets,

No matter what but my mind is full set, with realities of the life that we get,

Sorrow and the happiness, failure and success, give and take

These are the realities of life that we have to face,

Mysterious with the future of this New Year I have just made,

But I have full strength and the courage to shape this year with the best,

This constructive feeling and liveliness is the product of past which I made,

Sitting is the corner of room, evoking the moments I have made

I am overwhelmed with all that I have achieved in the past,

No remorse for those which I could not get,

As this year will lead me towards the victory,

And help me forget that I had previously failed,

This is the resolution for the new year, in which I just step,

Wish you all the very best and make this upcoming year the best!