Tue, 25 Jun, 2024


By Arjun Dahal

With the heavy downpour in the sky, roaring at night Enlighten colors of imaginative rainbow teasing me, making me shy Cadaverous wind blowing past me And the beatings from my heart with it's rhyme Still makes no differences between me and my pen The memories with you and my eyes full of rain Sweet melodies gently caress upon me And once again I get lost in my deep thought, just mesmerizing you May be I am drunk or have got feelings for you Or, am I ignoring the painful echoes of my heart, which ain't new Or, Is this weather teasing my intention to get your love back, now only left few Why has this dormant bulb once again started dazzling like you Is it only the stupidness of my crazy heart, just crying for you May be this silly pen trying to make me more closer to you Moving forward, down pouring the memories with you Have you ever thought that I needed love Have you ever realized that I get lonely Have you ever feel to stop feeling, you're the only one whom I can feel Years have passed waiting for your return. Years have passed, though gloomy but still with a hope A greatest dream in a dream of a shattered dreamer. I have been hypnotized in your love, your words I may be wrong, But I have lived my life for you You'll never know how hard I tried to get around you May be I'm crazy and cannot forsake you And may be I'm crazy but at least, I'm somewhere around you Even I saw your hands at your choice Still I'm hopeful, you'll be back someday Back someday and will be with me again Again as like sometime in the scattered pages of my history.

May be this hysteria ends when I'm gone But my heart will beat as I breathe your name Time itself takes time band I'm hopeful with the time Someday lord might realize that loneliness is not only felt by fools Someday, time might gets bored and bring you back to me Though with my hope, I have been consumed by pain My emptiness at present, Nevertheless of pain, awaits to see you back again.