Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Nepali Typing Workshop by DWIT NEWS

By Suraj Prasai

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam

On 6th April, a special training session on Nepali Typing was conducted by DWIT News Club. A total of 23 students from different batches attended the training. Trainer for this session was Mr. Saroj Dhakal. The training continued for an hour and a half.

The objective of the seminar was not just to teach the students to type fluently in Nepali but also focus on making them aware of the different scripts of Nepali language and the relation between them. Students were also taught  about the international systems of language coding. Students learned to type in Nepali using “Google Input Tools” and “Nepali Unicode Romanized Layout”.

This seminar was a huge success and everyone involved learned a lot from it. After the session, some of the students mentioned that the training was not very difficult as they had predicted it to be, thanks to the entertaining and engrossing style of teaching session by Mr. Saroj Dhakal.

DWIT News shall conduct follow up training sessions like these in the future as well.