Thu, 22 Feb, 2024

Nepalese People’s Dreams Shatter Again

By Ashish Bikram Lamichane

Photo Courtesy: Magh 8th 2015 was the self-imposed date set by the political parties to promulgate the constitution of Nepal. It has already been 8 long years since Nepal was transformed from a constitutional monarchy country to federal Republic country. Yet, the political parties of our country are not able to make the constitution. They keep on shattering the people’s dream of having a constitution by extending the date to promulgate the constitution. This time as well Constitutional Assembly members failed to deliver the constitution, which they had promised. And the ruling parties like Congress, CPN-UML and so forth and opposing party like CPN-Maoist, Unified CPN-Maoist and similar keep blaming each other for not being able to deliver the constitution. CA chairman Subas Chandra Nembang’s efforts to start the house proceeding and to form the Questionnaire subcommittee failed because of the obstruction by the opposition parties. The proceeding was obstructed twice, so chairman had to shift the meeting to  another other day. Both the parties rejected each other’s propositions to promulgate a constitution on that day. The situation outside the CA building was very similar to the situation one could imagine to have pertained inside the building. The opposition parties were demonstrating outside the CA building to press the ruling parties to seek consensus on disputed constitutional issues. The demonstration had put the traffic of New Baneshwor, Koteshwor, Thapathali, Maitighar, Singha Durbar and Hanumansthan under heavy pressure. Arjan Karki, a student at DWIT, said, "I stay near Sankhamul. I had to take a whole new and long route to the college and back. Why? Just because I was afraid that the nuisance that took place within the CA building would replicate outside as well." That day, the CA building was like an army barrack. Common citizens might think, "They are making a constitution to build a country. Obviously, the security will be tight." But it was not the case. The security was tight because of the clash between CA members on Magh 5. It was to prevent the clashes and obstructions. So on that day, all the CA members had to get checked and pass through a metal detector. They were not allowed to take their bag inside the CA building. Don’t you think it’s pretty odd? The leaders who are supposed to be ruling a country were being treated like terrorists. One of the locals near Old Baneswor said, "I feel ashamed that my country is being ruled by  such people. They fight with each other and blame each other even if they are at fault. I hoped that at least a CA member would resign from his position, saying he was not able to fulfill his promise to the people. However, it’s just a dream which is never going to get  fulfilled." When Jana Andolan took place in 2062/63 against the constitutional monarchy, people had an expectation. They believed that the upcoming system will change their life as well as the country. If they had known the country which had one king will produce 601 kings in the form of CA members after Jana Andolan, then they would have never participated in Jana Andolan to change the country. Sooner the political parties realize and make constitution without any conflict, the better it will be for the country. Otherwise, it will not be long before another Jana Andolan takes place to bring back the constitutional monarchy.