Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

We Are Nepalese, Bir Gorkhalis

By Ashmita Kunwar

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam No gas, no diesel, no petrol, no nothing No matter how many things we are deprived of at the moment, Blood that flows in our hands is that of the Bir Gorkhalis That does not let us beg in front of others.   Nepalese are not the ones to exchange nationality with money, But we are the ones to die for the pride of our nation;   Nepalese are the ones to struggle with wood to cook food in this 21st century, But not the ones to open our hands for fuel;   No matter where we live, London or America, But we are the ones to stand and raise our voice for the nation;   Nepalese are not the ones to interfere with others in their internal state, But the ones to support empathetically when they need us;   Nepalese are the ones with their own history as Bir Gorkhalis, And not the ones who were defeated by some other country;   Nepalese are from the birth place of Gautam Buddha and the country of Mt Everest, But we are not the ones to say to the world that Mahatma Gandhi was born in our state;   We are from a very small country geographically, rich in natural resources, But not the ones from a very large country which does not have capacity to fulfil its people’s desire and can just defeat other’s property;   We are Nepalese, we are Bir Gorkhalis, we are proud of our country Nepal Our ancestors lived here, we shall live here No gas, no diesel, no petrol – no problem, But we have enough water and sun as alternative sources; No medicine- no problem, But have thousands of herbal plants to make us heal the wound!