Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Nepal or Somewhere Else ??

By Shreeya Pandey

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam

Our country, Nepal, has been facing many problems lately. Firstly, the tragic earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April destroyed many houses and buildings, and took lives of many people and now, the blockade has made our lives miserable with shortage of food items, fuel etc that used to be imported from India.

Unemployment, on the other hand is another big issue, which has always existed, and has always created hurdles in people’s lives. When I heard about the news that Nepal has a comparatively high emigration rate, for better employment facilities, a question arose in my mind, why can’t people stay in their own country, create job opportunities and become successful? Citing the example of Australia, there are approximately 5000 Nepalese living as permanent residents and the rate is only increasing. Not only in the case of Australia, there are many Nepalese residents in other countries too. Specially, the youths, who are supposed to be the building blocks of our nation, are tempted to reside abroad. So the trend of going abroad has been increasing. When I ask my friends about their future plans for their career, almost everyone gives the same answer that is going abroad as there are better career opportunities.

Here is an example of our Chief Academic Officer, Mr. Hitesh Karki, who has become successful in his career in his own country. He considers himself lucky to stay in Nepal. He started his job with Mercantile Software, which was the most happening software company back then, and then he worked for D2hawkeye Services, which was an American company, so he did not face many difficulties staying and working in Nepal. He never wanted to settle abroad, though he feels that life would have been better as he could dedicate his time to do creative things instead of waiting in fuel lines all the time per the present situation.

His future plans are to make DWIT one of the best IT colleges in Nepal within next 3 years and to complete his PhD. He suggests the graduates of DWIT to create their own job instead of running around after jobs or perhaps work in the best companies of Nepal. Mr.Karki  feels that time is not spent wisely in Nepal so his wants to suggest everybody to appreciate time, understand its importance and stop procrastinating. Also he wants people to study for better knowledge about things rather than just studying to get better marks.

Here is another example of my cousin who currently lives in Australia. She feels lucky to be there as there as many opportunities to grab and also different facilities. She feels that in Nepal, due to lack of opportunities, it is difficult to show creativity. Life is much more advanced abroad as people value time and money and wishes Nepal to implement this in future.

Personally, I feel that opportunities and better facilities can be created in Nepal too. It is up to us to direct our nation to limelight and solve various problems. I am sure that there will be good materialistic life abroad, but one cannot have a good social life. Thus everybody must take initiative for the noble work of eradicating unemployment and creating better opportunities so that people can work for their own country.