Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

Neighborhood Survey Ends

By Nikita Gautam

The Social Service Club of DWIT completed its last session of the neighborhood survey on April 12, 2014. This survey was aimed to scratch the problems of the neighborhood and to provide them necessary support so as to help them solve those problems. This survey was aimed to help the community grow better and bigger. DWIT has been aiming that more problems can be identified and resolved with the help of this survey. The surveyors were excited about the last survey that they were conducting. With their mixed experiences of interviewing people, they were now able to identify how they should deal with each one of them. The survey was reported to start from 7:30 am and continued for 5 hours. Since, it was the last day of the survey, it was reported to be longer than the previous ones. This time each group was divided into 2 members each, which made the interviewing process fast. They were able to interview a large number of families this time with a bucket full of problems. Different families were open enough to share their problems. Some of the major concerns that were identified in this survey were lack of clean and safe environment, lack of dustbin provision, need of computer classes for post SLC students, provision of counseling classes for teachers, volunteers for the club activities going around the neighborhood area, special case consideration of an orphan child residing, etc. It was reported that the lists of problems were enormous in number this time. The attitude of the people towards the surveyors was very friendly this time. The surveyors were reported to be welcomed and were offered snacks by many of them. Summarizing the survey, it is believed that the analysis will bring out many problems residing in the neighborhood and DWIT will help them solve these problems. Now, the data entry and analysis will be done in coming days.   For additional information, contact: Sameer Shrestha, President – The Social Service Club; Email: [email protected]; Phone: 4-485424.