Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Music Club To Be Organizing the First Unplugged Session

By Shrijak Shrestha

Photo Courtesy: Bardan Gurung The DWIT Music Club is organizing the first Unplugged Session this coming Thursday, 26th March 2015. They've named the session "Raw Rhythms". It will be an event for the students of DWIT to showcase their musical talents and for the students to enjoy live music. It will be an acoustic session. Talking about the event, Anmol Shrestha, vice-president of Music Club says, “Unplugged session is a stage for everyone to express their passion for music and I hope everyone uses it. Well, it’s a first of its kind in DWIT, let’s see how it goes.” Students are very excited about this opportunity and many students can be seen practicing around the college premises. Bidur Banstola, a third semester student says, “It’s a great platform for aspiring musicians. Events like this should happen more often.” Another third semester student, Prabin Rai, says, “I am looking forward to it. I hope to listen to good music and have fun.” One of the exciting features of the event is that the Music Club is going to perform an original song in the event. It will surely inspire the students to come up with their own compositions. Our beloved teacher, Menosh Zappl, is also going to perform with Music Club members. The Music Club has been active since 2013 and has carried out different activities during the years. In recent months the club has been conducting music lessons on the weekends. They are currently teaching three instruments: guitar, piano and cajon box to aspiring students. In recent weeks, they had their first female student for guitar, Barsha Dahal, a third semester student. She says, “Singing has always been my passion but something always made me sad. I couldn’t give music to my voice. So I just wished to learn guitar. Luckily, the Music Club has started music lessons. Thanks to Anmol and the team. Now, I may be able to give music to my voice.” Let’s hope that Unplugged Session becomes a DWIT tradition. All hail Music Club!